Construction and Education: Can they coexist?


Over the last year, there have been many debates about whether the renovations at Lincoln High School would be a definite decision. The entire process requires a lot of patience and flexibility from the people in our town. Not only does the construction impact students, teachers, and administrators, but it also includes the people in our community. Residents of Lincoln have seen their taxes rise significantly since the construction began. Many students may be distracted in class by all of the chaos going on around them. Taking this into consideration, it has been confirmed that the new and improved Lincoln High School will be completed within the next few years. The question is, will it be worth it? Feelings of stress and relief linger through the hallways of Lincoln High School. With the construction being done to the school, it results in lots of stress. Within the students, the administrators, the teachers, and even the parents, there are feelings of uncertainty occurring. However, LHS has not had a renovation to the school since 1964. The construction will make our school more modern and start a new beginning of our school. With all the commotion happening during the current renovation at Lincoln High School, is it all worth it? Publications from the School Construction News articles state how the process of the construction is overwhelming, but in the end, it was all worth it. One word to describe life at LHS is intense. The fact that construction is being done during school hours is simply intense. Though many bad qualities come from the construction, many good qualities are going to result. Students who attend Lincoln High School currently have never seen construction being done to their school before. This process is very new to almost every student attending LHS. Various sources from LHS students say how they feel about the construction at this school. Sophia Gaitanis and Katie Jahnz, two freshmen students here at LHS, say how they feel about the current renovation. “I’m happy that the construction is being done because it will end up making our school more enjoyable”, Sophia Gaitanis says. Katie Jahnz also states, “I am excited to see what it will bring to our school and how it will come out in the end.” The eager feelings in the atmosphere at LHS are very mutual, everyone wants to see the results but not many people want to wait it out. Intense and eager emotions spread throughout the entire school during the construction period at LHS. Signs of distractions are present everywhere. During class time, noises from the construction are heard by the students. During tests, the noise of a drill sparks the classroom. Many kids are more interested with the noise activity than the current lesson they are learning. Focus and positive thoughts are huge issues at all high schools, but with the construction, is it triggering the students minds to an extra extent?