Race for the Statehouse

Coming off of a reassuring victory on September 12th, incumbent governor, democrat Gina Raimondo has one more hurdle to jump if she plans on staying in the Statehouse; and it’s the tallest one she has faced yet. Governor Raimondo has had a relatively below average first term. While we have seen improvements, such as a 3% decrease of the unemployment rate during her first term, according to The Department of Labor and Training, she also supports the implementation of highway tolls; which many Rhode Islanders do not favor. According to the US Debt Clock, Mrs. Raimondo is also rapidly increasing the state spending, thus plummeting the state debt past $10.5 Billion as of 2017 according to WPRI. With all of this behind her, she received a very bountiful primary night. Obliterating her democrat challenger, former secretary of state Matthew Brown. Photo Credit: Gina Raimondo’s Twitter Cranston mayor Allan Fung, has a lot of work to do if he wants to beat Governor Raimondo in their rematch. Fung has spent around $160,000 on his campaign. That number does not compare to his opponent Governor Raimondo, who spent $4 Million on her campaign according to WPRI. Mayor Fung, however, has many accomplishments as mayor of Cranston. During his mayorship, Alex and Ani placed their world headquarters in Cranston, and he increased business development by $66 Million according to his campaign database. Fung has also made Cranston one of the top 50 cities in America to live according to golocalprov. Even though Mr. Fung has such a great track record, he needs to focus on the elephant in the room; Independent candidate Joseph Trillo, who may serve as the spoiler in the November election. Photo credit: Allan Fung’s Twitter Independent candidate Joe Trillo, runs a campaign very similar to Mr. Fung’s, but with a few variations. Like mayor Fung, Trillo believes in shedding the sanctuary state badge from the state. He also believes in reducing taxes to keep Rhode Islanders in Rhode Island. Mr. Trillo also feels very strongly about the Burrillville power plant issue; he is against it and if elected, hopes to eliminate it, according to his campaign website. It seems that Mr. Trillo has a solid number of Rhode Islanders behind his campaign, so much so, that he may serve as a spoiler for Allan Fung. In the 2014 gubernatorial election, Robert Healy Jr. ran as the independent candidate and won almost 70,000 votes. In the same election, Allan Fung lost to Gina Raimondo by only 14,000 votes according to the New York Times. If all support from Healy was behind Fung, he could have won the race. It seems as Joe Trillo could fit Robert Healy’s role in the upcoming election. Photo Credit: Joe Trillo’s Twitter Key Senate Race Senate republican candidate, Robert Flanders is challenging incumbent senator Sheldon Whitehouse. It seems as though Robert Flanders isn’t going to go down without a fight. Flanders recently released a campaign ad, that had someone asking Mr. Whitehouse questions; from his driving speed, to his favorite wine. Every reply from senator Whitehouse was “Climate Change”. The ad then ends with an older woman calling Whitehouse a ‘doofus.’ According to the Flanders campaign, they spent $125,000 on said ad. Mr. Flanders had a very positive primary night, decimating Rocky De La Fuente, another republican candidate by over 23,000 votes, according to the New York Times. Photo Courtesy of Robert Flanders’ Twitter Incumbent senator Sheldon Whitehouse is defending his position this November against republican candidate Robert Flanders. Mr. Whitehouse has been a senator for the state of Rhode Island for 12 years, after he bested former republican Lincoln Chafee. Whitehouse has a slight majority of Rhode Islanders behind him, according to ripr.org. It has slightly decreased since he was re-elected, but he still maintains a decent approval rating. Mr. Whitehouse also received an astounding primary night, defeating his opponent Patricia Fontes by 60,000 votes. Photo Courtesy of Sheldon Whitehouse’s Twitter