Field Hockey captures first win in 2 years


On September 10th, the Lions Field Hockey team played a competitive game against their rival, the Cumberland Clippers. The game began with sophomore Lauren Rose dribbling up the field when a corner was called. The ball was then passed between multiple teammates. Then a quick final pass from Jenna Saqib to Lauren where she was able to put it in the goal, making the score 1-0 Lincoln. Now to protect their lead, the struggle was to defend their goal and prevent the Clippers from scoring. Showing determination and defensive skills, the Lions were able to keep the Clippers from scoring and ended the game with the score of 1-0. Lauren, wanting to stress that they scored as a team, commented, “I don’t like to say I scored the goal because it was really a team effort.” The Lady Lions are coming off a difficult 2017-2018 season, having a win-less season. Beating Cumberland was more than just the first win of the season; it was the first win in over a year, and it has already had a huge impact on the morale of the team. Lauren Rose describes the new atmosphere in the locker room,“Since we got this win, we feel like we’re going to be able to get more. This win is honestly going to improve us and we’re really confident about this season.” Last year, the Lions and Clippers played two close games that resulted in a tie and a loss. This year, along with neighbors, Cumberland and Smithfield, Lincoln moved down from Division One to Division Two. Coach Miguel commented, “[Cumberland and Smithfield] have been traveling with us, so we knew that the competition would be really good.” Of course this win did not come without lots of preparation. One of the things that helped to strengthen the field hockey team, was participating in the Summer League Program. The Summer League Program consisted of a series of games once a week where Lincoln partnered with Smithfield and competed against 5-6 other teams throughout Rhode Island. Head Coach Miguel expressed, “The Summer League was great because it allowed the kids to have game time together that didn’t help or hurt our record. It was just for fun where the kids had the chance to play with each other in a non-competitive environment,” She stressed that having the opportunity to bond with teammates and learn new formations was a big benefit of participating in the Summer League. Like any other sport, the girls’ field hockey team has established goals for the season including self improvement, being able to trust each other on the field, and learning how to work together. “We try to build a community feeling, so kids feel welcome and everyone enjoys coming to practice,” stated Coach Miguel. Coach Miguel stressed, “It is important that they see improvement. We try to make sure everyone feels included and knows that we win and lose as a team. I want them to look at the team as a place where they can be encouraged to do well and grow together.” The Lady Lions have been applying the strategies and techniques they’ve learned since beginning of August. Not only have they quickly learned new formations, but most importantly the Lady Lions have learned to trust each other in hopes of a great season.