Special Effects: Everything is not what it seems

As Halloween is finally coming up, everyone is filled with excitement for this holiday of fear. As each person opens up their Instagram to see what everyone is up to, their feed is filled with pumpkin spice treats, carved pumpkins, haunted house adventures, and spectacular special effects makeup artists. As special effects artists on Instagram become excited about their time to shine, ordinary makeup artists transform their own profiles into a spooky timeline of creativity. This special effect makeup may seem like a whole different world to the average person, but really every special effects artist is just an average person with a unique hobby. Everybody has to start somewhere, and these artists started out just like any other person looking for a passion to pursue. Alexia Ventura, more popularly known on Instagram by her 8,930 followers as @spfxbylex, took on special effects makeup in August of 2017. “I watched other artists on YouTube and followed some on Instagram as well until I decided to get the supplies and try it out for myself!” Ventura says. Multiple artists inspired her to begin her journey when she saw the creativity of their posts and the fun they had creating, including @mykie, @powdah, and @hsfxmakeup. Upon opening her profile, her followers are automatically caught off guard by the extremely realistic looking gore that she creates on herself. Her profile picture shows half of her face with a large deep cut across her face, put their by her amazing talent. If one were to scroll down to the bottom of her page, the first post featured what looks like an open wound on her own hand, almost as if a part of her skin had been ripped off . While this post is still very realistic, the progress Ventura has made in just over a year can be described as nothing other than spectacular. She has not lost any of her love for it over this year, and continues to post new creations every week. Throughout the whole year, she continues to make these gory creations, not losing any ambition for times other than this spooky season. Halloween becomes an exciting time for Ventura as she gains a larger following for Halloween. “Halloween to me means a day of celebration to the sfx (special effects) community in a way,” she comments, “It’s when we all get appreciated.” Lisset Perez, known on instagram as @lissypink10, has a slightly different view of halloween. Perez has a very large following of 17.4 thousand people that look forward to her posts. On every month except October, Perez is an everyday makeup artist. She typically creates everyday looks, but with fun and exciting eyeshadow. However, in October, she transforms herself with special effects. During October, she works extra hard so that she can post a new look everyday. “Halloween means so much to me!” she says. “Halloween means time to create and get creative! I always love to come out with thirty one looks and as hard as it is, at the end of the day it’s what I love to do.” Rather than creating very realistic looking injuries like Ventura, Perez explores special effects in a different way., For example, one of the looks on her instagram is a bloody pencil sticking through her face with a school-girl makeup look or her face unzippering to reveal gore underneath. She comes out with a new creative look for halloween every day. Similarly to Ventura, Perez started creating special effects just over a year ago, on October 1, 2017. “I got into special effects after seeing some pictures on Pinterest. I really liked them, and I wanted to give it a shot,” Perez remembers. “There were so many looks I wanted to do that after seeing how much fun I had doing it and how good it came out, I started practicing a little everyday.” Perez and Ventura have similar advice for anyone looking to start learning special effects makeup. They both agree that following other accounts on YouTube and Instagram will help in the learning process. Patience and consistency is also important to both amazing artists and have helped them get to where they are today. As Halloween rolls around, remember to check out special effects makeup artists for all the hard work they put in every Halloween season, but beware of the shivers one might feel while scrolling through these fantastic artists’ pages.