FDA vs. Juul


The Juul is somewhat notorious in Lincoln High School but this nicotine craze that has plagued this school may well be on its way to the grave. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has taken a stab at stores that sell Juul products by sending them the message that if Juuls keep finding their way into the hands of the youth, things will get ugly. With its growing popularity, vaping has become so popular among teenagers that the FDA has officially declared that it’s reached “an epidemic proportion” and announced that it’s shifting the focus of its anti-tobacco campaign “The Real Cost” from cigarettes to vaping. With the FDA focusing on ending juuling we can expect a change. All varieties of plans to counter youth vaping have been suggested, even considering installing a bluetooth into juuls that will disable them on school grounds. They may also go ahead and pull the flavored pod from stores that youth are attracted to such as mango, fruit, mint, etc.. If Juul sells only tobacco flavored juice like other e-cigarettes, the craze would most likely significantly die down due to it being a much harsher taste that is not very satisfying. Juul is the FDA’s target for their plan to counter teen vaping because Juul is the highest profiting brand. Juul’s sales are up more than 700 percent from a year ago, as the internet fuels its popularity among the underage. But unfortunately there are still many “Knock-off” brand devices that deliver the same amount or even more nicotine. These copycat companies are cashing in on the exploding popularity of e-cigarettes. Initially heralded as a “healthier alternative” to smoking or a way to help people quit, the FDA are increasingly worried that the companies are targeting children who never smoked to begin with. The conclusion of the situation is that the FDA can only do so much about the issue, but believe it or not us students and LHS can do a lot to counter e-cigarettes. A teen has informed on the severity of the use of Juuls and how they affect their grades at school, stating that “I use the bathroom multiple times per period because of how addicted I have gotten to nicotine because of Juul, and its getting in the way of school for me because I miss so much time in class.” Reporting any encountered use of these devices to our administrators will do alot for the integrity of our learning environment. It is no surprise that you may encounter it in our bathrooms and it is your job to rise up and report. “While e-cigarettes have the potential to help smokers switch from traditional tobacco products, they have a “fundamental contradiction” in that they are spurring nicotine addiction in minors”, stated by Milov (a FDA employee). This statement sums up the epidemic in a nutshell.