How Do YOU Beat the Heat?


As you enter the brand new doors of Lincoln High School, you feel the burdened weight of heat and humidity rest upon your shoulders. Blank white walls are in place of hallways and the flow of students is held up by the traffic of getting from class to class. Each classroom has their own fan that students are dying to crowd around in order to push away the impending sweat beading on everyone’s foreheads. Students worry about their mornings clothing decision and how they could have anticipated the amount of heat trapped inside of the school walls. Incoming freshman students from LMS were required to attend a day in advance of the official first day of school on August 30th. This day, August 29th, was one of the hottest of the school year so far, being recorded at a high of ninety-two degrees fahrenheit. According to freshman Olivia Landry, the extreme heat of the first day made her feel very uncomfortable and affected her yearbook picture which was shot on that same day. “It probably made me look worse in my pictures because of how sweaty I was. Gross, i know.” Fellow freshman Nicholas Delvicario sticks to the basics explaining, “I wear shorts and short sleeves everyday.” He feels that the worst part about the heat relative to his style is the major amount of sweat on his clothes when he gets home. Both sophomores Tyler Dusty and Alexia Walters agree that the heat and discomfort of their situation caused them to lose focus in class. “Thinner straps, no sleeves, nothing restricting,” Walters explained about her go to, beat the heat, style. She went on to explain that thin clothing is a big enemy when it comes to tops because it easily displays sweat stains which are something that everyone looks to avoid. Constant discomfort, chafing, and stickiness all pertain to the outfit choice that will cater to the success of a school day. Polled together, the majority of students would rate Lincoln High School’s heat around a seven or eight out of ten based on one being the least of their worries and ten being completely unbearable. According to senior Hiral Nandu, the heat affects her style so much that it is hard to sit at classroom desks without getting stuck to them and increasing sweat. “I always check the weather and dress accordingly,” Nandu says about choosing an outfit fit to compete against the heat. The strong combination of heat sensitivity, stickiness, and humidity all come together in a whirlwind of discomfort for the students of LHS and their everyday style.