Mapping our way to class: Where Did Everything Move To?


Construction signs plastered across the blue doors of Lincoln High School, Hard, sturdy white walls replacing particular areas in the building. I would say what’s going on, but it’s pretty straightforward at this phase in the process. On July 24th, 2018, Lincoln High School officially kick-started their renovation process. While for months before there have been a vast of rumors regarding the change, and the sights of certain teachers with either grins or whimpers on their faces as they now must pack up their things. Lugging their belongings together as they are about to depart from a room that would be covered in rubble in weeks time. The large windows we would pass by near the 200’s classroom, the hallway that leads you to them has been blocked off, blocked off until December of 2019. When you walk into school, you walk in through what would be the door to the left in the North Gym. A blast of heat hits you as you shy away from the morning breeze from the outdoors. The ground of which your feet walk upon is the same flooring that your sneakers would run on while trying to score a goal in handball. The vast openness of Lincoln High Schools former main gym has been replaced by a handful of individual cubicles. I didn’t think I’d ever see a guidance counselor placing the final touches of a students schedule under a basketball hoop. When you make it out of the makeshift hallway you approach somewhat familiar territory, in the connections. The nurse’s office is now down a hallway where a pay-phone used to reside. It really shows the vacancy of what was that corridor. You also take notice of the new temporary home for the Lincoln High School Library, located in room 2 in the hallway of the old middle school. The old middle school, which you think would be the first thing gone at the renovations start still remains. In fact, if you get dropped off for school or picked up. You must walk down there each day to get to any other area of the school, creating more of a commute. Thankfully, a temporary commute. At the denouement of the hallway you will turn ninety degrees clockwise and go up the skybridge. You then approach the C-200s and the C-20s hallways, which remain intact. Your first thought might be that the rest of the school is pretty much normal (With the 300s hallway not being touched until next summer.) But you would be wrong. When you end your travel down either of the aforementioned hallways you coe to one of those hard white walls. The new cafeteria where some of you eat lunch remains the same, but you see the old cafeteria is blocked off. Like with everything else at Lincoln High School, a change has been made for the lunch situation as well. Now in our daily schedule; Periods 1-3 are shortened by four minutes, creating twelve extra minutes in our day for half of what would be a fourth lunch. Oh, the lunch period. Period four where we consume our food each day has been extended from seventy-six minutes from the original sixty-two minutes for class. Each of the four lunches are still around twenty to twenty-five minutes long. The last period has even been shortened by four minutes, with even less time for class to begin the year for students to get adjusted to our schools new traffic situation. Lincoln High School’s new traffic plan allows for the easiest direction of traffic for the best school year we could possibly have. Student parking and parent drop off/pick up will occur in the front of the school. Student parking in the left lane and parent drop off/pick up in the right lane. Students getting dropped off will most of the time be greeted by Principal Mr. McNamara and Vice Principal Mr. Cobb, sometimes one of them and sometimes both. The buses, which formerly dropped off students in the front of the building, are now dropping off students in the back of the school. If you’re on a bus that goes towards Albion and Manville, your bus will be located near the tennis courts right past the library. While if your bus goes towards Limerock, Lonsdale, or Saylesville. Your bus will be located in the back of the main gym and the 200’s and 300’s hallways. So, how are we going to adapt to these changes? Well, we are just going to have to help one another. If one of us is having trouble with anything that is currently going on in the school, then we must guide one another in the greatest way possible to ensure each student in this school achieves the most success that is capable of them. It’s not going to be the easiest time of any students career in Lincoln High School, but it will benefit for your future education, and the future education of up and coming Lincoln High students across the district.