Heat Wave

The 2018-19 school year has kicked literally on a hot streak. With the lack of air conditioning and seemingly non-existent air circulation in the majority of the classrooms, students and teachers are walking slowly through the halls, feeling sticky and oppressed. For years, the lack of air conditioning in the school has been the main complaint at the beginning and end of every school year and we just have to learn to deal with it. Based on what they’re telling us, the unbearable heat makes it tough for students to have the motivation to learn and it makes it extremely uncomfortable in the cafeteria during lunch. Senior, David Chatty, said, “The heat is unbearable and it’s the worst thing ever. It’s like a walking sauna, but it’s okay because it won’t last forever. It just makes being in a small classroom with a ton of students a struggle to learn anything.” The heat puts everyone in a bad mood. LHS has offered “extra water” stations where they keep giant jugs full of water at corners for students to enjoy ice cold water during the heat struggles. Students are trying everything they can to beat the heat and keep on learning. The most obvious response to the heat: everyone has been wearing tank tops, shorts, sandals. Luckily, students haven’t been cited for stretching the limits on the dress code. It is difficult to adhere to the rules these days. So, the question that has been hard to answer in years past is, how do we solve the heat issues for the next couple years until the new LHS (with AC!) is built. Chatty believes that “a temporary solution could be shortening the school year and starting just a couple weeks late to avoid this mess” as “the heat is crazy, it’s never been this hot.” Another idea could be allowing teachers to bring in more fans or even an air conditioner from home to put into their classrooms. The the only negative would be a rise in the electricity bill. However, this is a small price to pay when you take into account how students and teachers both will be more comfortable which leads to higher productivity, better performance, and an overall learning experience.