It’s not easy being new


Doors open, teachers and administration get ready for a new year, and buses release a new round of freshman to experience the famous four years called high school. When students reach high school, they are told to find a club, sport, or anywhere where they feel like they fit in. Freshman, Gabriella Feole, decided to play field hockey to make her transition easier. High school jitters are common and expected, but there are ways to feel more adjusted. On August 29 Gabriella Feole stepped into high school with nerves and left at the end of the day excited to experience the years to come. Every ninth grader is going through the same changes, so nobody is alone. There is a common misconception that upperclassman are scary, but they were just in the same shoes not so long ago and contrary on the popular belief, most of them want the freshman to feel welcome. It is okay to get lost and walk into the wrong room. That is what being a freshman is all about. Lincoln High School allowing freshman to come in a day earlier is really beneficial according to Gabriella Feole,” I was scared about not getting to class on time as well as the upperclassman being there. I enjoyed the first day overall. I got lost a few times but there were people there to help, which, was very comforting also liked how it was just freshmen because it wasn’t as nerve wracking.” Every freshman will go through trial and error. Even upperclassman and teachers goes through trial and error. Getting involved, meeting new people, and exploring personal excellence is what high school is about. Even though it seems like the scariest moment in a fourteen year old’s life at first, but after two days it becomes natural and being a freshman isn’t as scary as it seems.