Faculty Fast Talk: Meet the New Superintendent, Dr. Lawrence Filippelli


Have you ever cheated on a test? No. Do you have any siblings? Yes What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Right now, it’s the Ben and Jerry’s flavor that I don’t remember the name of, but it’s just great. Favorite holiday movie? I think Christmas Vacation Last movie you saw at the theatre? It was with my kids, Wrinkle in Time Do you have any strange/unique hobbies? Well I like to work on my vintage cars. That’s my hobby, that’s what I love to do, it really clears my head. What is one thing you love about yourself? My ability to laugh and my personality. Middle name? Paul Favorite word right now? Facetious Favorite breed of dog? German Shepherd Oreo: cookie or cream? Both, we go all in with the Oreo Does pineapple belong on pizza? Yes. What is your favorite place in the whole world? Italy How do you believe in ghosts? Sometimes. Do you believe that aliens exist? Yes. Can you whistle? Yes. If you could change your name to anything, what would you choose? I think it would be Lorenzo, the Italian variant of my name. Which came first, the chicken or egg? I would say neither, I mean, it’s an age old question that we don’t have an answer for. What is the last thing that made you laugh? My daughters If you could time travel to any time period/event, where would you go? I would probably go to turn of the century America. If you could have one superpower, which would you choose? The ability to read minds. What is your biggest fear? Probably just family safety and making sure my family is happy and healthy, other than that I think you can work around anything else. What is the last book you read? Predictive Analytics What is your favorite candy? Peanut M and Ms What is your favorite conspiracy theory? Some of the 9-11 theories are pretty interesting. Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Here Do you use social media? Absolutely. Professionally twitter is my favorite. I don’t have an Instagram but Facebook is my favorite. Who, alive or dead, would you most like to throw cold spaghetti at? I don’t know that I would throw cold spaghetti at anyone. If you could be the lead role in any movie, which movie would you choose? If I could play the lead I would be in one of the Pulp Fiction movies, I love them. Which song is the anthem to your life? I’m a big music nut so this is a hard one. There’s so so many to choose from. November Rain by GunsNRoses or Sultans of Swing by Dire Straights. I like a lot of different music, my family is very musical. I play piano and my daughter plays other instruments, so we listen to all genres. If you could be best friends with any celebrity, who would you choose? Robert De Niro. Favorite Halloween costume that you have had? The Incredible Hulk hands down Marvel comics or DC comics? Both. How long is your longest friendship? 33 years.