Yip the Great


When students leave Lincoln High School they walk away with many unforgettable memories. Students will always remember certain teachers who guided and inspired them throughout their high school years. Mr. Yip is one of these teachers who students will never forget. Mr. Yip has been teaching at Lincoln High for about twenty years. Not only is Mr. Yip a history teacher but he also takes charge of a very popular club here at Lincoln, The Ski and Snowboard Club. Every year Mr. Yip gathers together a group of students and takes them on three ski trips. This year there were over fifty members in the club. Yip took the club to mountains like Okemo, Bretton Woods and Cannon. All the students arrive for every trip at the high school around four thirty in the morning. They typically return around nine that night. Mr. Yip opens the trips up to anyone, regardless of skill level. At the mountains Mr. Yip takes the time to teach beginners how to pick up the sport. He will patiently wait on the bunny slopes until you get down the basic idea of skiing or snowboarding. Mr. Yip makes sure everyone has fun on the trip and is always willing to help anyone who needs it. Another club Mr. Yip takes pride in is his Chess Club. On a Friday afternoon you can find Mr. Yip in room 206 to play a game of chess or another game of your choice. Mr. Yip offers this club to students as a nice way to wind down after a stressful week playing a fun game. Just like Ski and Snowboard Club, Yip opens the club up to beginners and is willing to teach them the game as well. Mr. Yip has mostly freshman classes, which is a great way to introduce students into the high school. Mr. Yip makes is classroom a fun environment for students to learn and develop different skills over the year. Junior Alyssa Borhquez had Mr. Yip her freshman year she says that, “Mr. Yip is a special teacher not because of what he is teaching, but how he teaches. He is a phenomenal teacher because of how he connects whatever he is teaching with the real world, and how he caters to a variety of learning styles and methods.” Last year Yip was recognized for all that he does in and outside of the classroom. Mr. Yip won the Lincoln teacher of the year award. How he gets students involved is just one of the many reasons he won this award. Mr. Yip makes everyone feel welcome, and he makes sure everyone walks away with unforgettable memories here at Lincoln High School.