The Power Behind True Creativity


It is so unimaginable how a creative person comes up with their ideas and themes for artistic pieces. True creative artists feel and live their artwork because they have a special connection to their passion. Having a creative mind is like watching a movie constantly, there is always film flying across your forehead and behind your eyelids. When your eyes are closed, your mind does not stop, that’s mostly where the best ideas come from. The non-stop occurance of imagination helps those creative people do what they love to do, create! People without a creative mind do not experience the images that rush through their minds. Thankfully, most artists can take their imagination and turn it into a physical product, as others cannot pursue them physically. Relating creativeness to performing arts, choreographers, directors, and producers have themes and ideas and create a cast of people to show an audience what their ideas are. Especially choreographers, they choreograph what images they see in their minds into a pattern of steps to show a story, or an event. A fantastic example of a creative mind expert is Jennifer Vecchio who is the Director of Dance Theatre of Rhode Island, a local dance school in Rhode Island. She expresses her creative mind through her students and they play the characters she wants.

Jennifer Vecchio, also known as Miss Jen always has her mind on the studio and what dances she can create with her students. Her competitive season has just begun and she is ready to create pieces that she has been waiting for. She states that, “I come up with so many great ideas in one day, that I could choreograph for 20 people a day!” She expresses that with her mind flowing she should write them all down because they come and leave, and some never come back. She lives at home with her husband and four kids so she still has a family to take care for, but no matter what, her mind is always racing with ideas for dances. Miss Jen knows when an idea is a good one because it will trigger other ideas that are similar to that idea. Once that happens, she gets a warm sensation and she is pleased with what she is thinking because it makes sense in a creative mind. Unfortunately, most artistic people have amazing ideas but no one else understands them but themselves. Choreographers try to use their skills to portray the story through dance, as the average human mind may not understand the concept. Music is also a huge trigger to an idea for a piece of artwork. Especially to an artist, music influences the mind and body movement. Certain songs can create an idea or a story for a dance which is an amazing thing because now the choreographer already has the song for the piece. Miss Jen likes to go to the studio with a few kids that she knows has creative minds as well and start to organize thoughts, because there are so many! “I can’t keep track of them all! I love going to the studio and blasting the music to feel it inside.” Miss Jen then choreographs to the music and sees what body movement best portrays her idea. Without organization, the piece could be confusing for an audience to watch with a confusing idea trying to be portrayed.

Going into competition season with an open mind helps choreographers creativity flow. If a choreographer goes into the studio with an overarching idea that is not possible to portray, they get a mind block. Most of the time, their ideas cannot be portrayed through their students so the idea goes to waste. They normally take that idea and try to re-work it or get rid of it all together. Miss Jen always has very intricate ideas, and she tries to see what she can do with them before she throws them away in her mind, but if an idea for a piece of artistic work is really good it is hard for a choreographer to throw it away. This type of creativity is known as a picturistic mind, choreographers imagine the whole routine in their minds how they want it to look in real life. Sometimes choreographers will dream their ideas in their sleep, and they are unfortunately forgotten. Miss Jen will dream about ideas all the time, and she thankfully remembers a lot of them. Most of the ideas she dreams about are horrifying, but she has always been interested in the mystery of horror. Miss Jen is somewhat connected to the outside world, as she imagines horror scenes and choreographs dances based on her imagination. She feels as her ideas can be portrayed best through horror, “those types of ideas just come to me so easily, and I know exactly what to do with it”. Jen says that her dances that are somewhat “terrifying” always win competitions.

Creative minded people should use their talent to their best ability. No matter if it is for a painting, monologue, or dance, imagination is the key to success. Without an imagination, you are close minded, open minded people are the most creative.