Spring will always come again

Although it may not feel like it, spring has sprung. And with it comes (eventually) the melting of snow and the sprouting of plants in its place. Merriam Webster published a list of words relating to this season of growth and rebirth that have been deemed “lost” from our modern day lexicon. Among these was “repullulate,” meaning “to bud anew.”

I for one can’t think of a better word to express what I am sure many of us are feeling at this point in the year. It’s been a long winter, filled with holidays, midterms, exhibition, college acceptances, and the looming unknowns that always come along with planning for the future. But then spring comes. The weather gets a little warmer. The sun is out before you even wake up, and everything seems just a little bit clearer. April vacation is closer than ever, and for us seniors, we’re realizing that our time left roaming the hallways of this school are limited.

To say that we all died and spent the last few months in decay is a bit morbid. That being said, we all tend to get a little less lively in the winter, and in a way it is as if we are all finally coming back to life. We are all, in some way, “budding anew.” Maybe I’m feeling sentimental, but it seems as if these school years are like one big life cycle. We start out as young little plants, full of life and ready to soak up everything life has to offer. Along the way, we might get trampled, or grow a few weeds, but somehow we find a way to continue growing. And even if things do seem bleak for awhile, we can always count on the fact that spring will always come again.

As the year comes to a close, I am beginning to realize that for seniors especially, we are all about to re-bud again for one last time in this place. Because this time, when we don those caps and gowns, we are all heading onto different gardens to begin different lives. So while spring comes with rebirth and new beginnings, it also bids farewell to what once was. For our sakes, I hope that we continue to repullulate for many more seasons to come.