Is Affirmation Action Necessary?: Conservative POV

Imagine you just graduated from college. You maintained a high GPA, managed to be involved in many activities and clubs throughout your time in college, and even completed several internships. You have all the qualifications and necessary work experience to be hired at any job and you just left your latest interview feeling confident in how it went. The interview slot after yours was booked by someone with a much smaller résumé and lower GPA, but you feel confident in yourself and all of your accomplishments thus far.

You call to follow up about the job only to find that it had already been given to the less qualified candidate. The company only had one open sales position and they needed to hire a woman, and, unfortunately for you, you did not entirely fit the bill.

You missed out on the job because of your gender, but you know that you’re not the only one that has missed an opportunity because of the various anti-discrimination laws that are in place. A man on the other side of the country was passed over for a job because of his race and a woman in the next town over is forced to continue her job hunt because of her religion. The quote unquote necessity to have such a diverse workplace is hurting people of all genders, races, nationalities, and religions, and it is doing far more harm than good.

There is such a drastic difference between discriminating against someone and not hiring them because of a person intolerance toward something about them and being forced to hire someone because of something that is largely out of their control. Hiring a less qualified candidate because they are a woman or they are of Hispanic descent or because they are Jewish is rewarding people for essentially doing nothing and even undermines the legitimate accomplishments of others. It also encourages people to not work as hard. If someone knows that they will have a leg-up in the job market because of their race, then they might not feel the need to push themselves to graduate college with a 4.0.

One of the most notable flaws about these anti-discrimination laws is that they are in reality making the issue that they were attempting to resolve even worse. Women, for example, are constantly being belittled and made to feel inferior to men, even making a mere seventy-eight cents for every dollar than a male counterpart makes. However, enacting these laws makes women appear to be even more incapable than they are already made out to be.

It makes it appear that women or minorities, or whatever the scenario may be, need special treatment in order to accomplish things. It makes it seem like they can’t stand on their own two feet.

They need someone to help them up and to spoon-feed them opportunities so that they can get farther in life. These laws are designed to help those that are discriminated against take one step forward, but it is in actuality forcing them all to take two steps back, and no real progress can be made until these quotas are eliminated once and for all.