MJ vs. Brady Who Is The Real MVP?

There is an ongoing debate going on in the sports world. Who is the greatest athlete of all time? The biggest debate is between the star quarterback of the New England Patriots and the retired Chicago Bulls guard. Although comparison can be difficult because of the different sports there are some factors that fans help determine who the real G.O.A.T is.

Tom Brady is considered the greatest in the game in football. The forty year old quarterback has many accomplishments under his belt which make him one of the greatests. Brady went University of Michigan to play college football, he was then drafted to the New England Patriots. He was initially the backup quarterback for Drew Bledsoe. Drew Bledsoe took a hard hit in Foxborough in 2001, Brady was put in the game and his dynasty then begun. Since then he has led his team to eight super bowls. Brady is the only player to win five super bowls all with the same team. He has also been honored with four MVPs out five of the Superbowls he has won.

Michael Jordan is known as one of the greatest to ever step foot onto a basketball court. He started his career at the University of North Carolina. At UNC he won the National Championship in 1982 and was also named NCAA College Player of the year in both 1983 and 1984. He left UNC his junior year to compete with the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. He was a professional American basketball player and also an Olympic athlete. MJ dominated the game by leading his team, The Chicago Bulls, to a total of six national championships. Along with that he has won the MVP award a total of five times. He has also won three all star MVPs making him one of the most decorated players in the game.

Both these athletes have outstanding accomplishments making them some of the greatests. But which one of them is the greatest of all time? Here are some factors that can help determine who the best really is.

Who made the greatest comeback? Jordan’s biggest comeback took place at Madison Square Garden where he scored fifty five points. Jordan won the game with a pass to Bill Wennington in the last seconds of the game. The Bulls won the game by two points.

Brady’s biggest comeback was from the Superbowl of 2017. The Patriots faced Atlanta and finished the game 34-28. This game was the greatest comeback in NFL Superbowl history. New England was down 28-3 with just over eight minutes in the third quarter. Brady won MVP, bringing his team to yet another memorable super bowl win.

As far as career titles go, Michael Jordan has a total of six NBA titles to his name. Brady on the other hand has 5 Super Bowl titles. Along with those victories the two athletes both have earned themselves MVP awards. Jordan finished his career with six and Brady has a total of four. Michael Jordan is a fourteen time NBA all-star. Brady is a thirteen time Pro-Bowler.

Both athletes have numerous accomplishments which make them some of the best athletes out there, but who is the REAL greatest of all time?