You are not alone when on a really bad date


Almost everyone who’s been in a relationship has experienced at least one terrible or awkward date. While some awkward moments are avoidable, some, such as these worst date stories that students around Lincoln High School shared, are truly unforgettable. One student described her first date story, saying, “He tried to kiss me on the first date and I genuinely didn’t know what he was doing. I definitely made the situation awkward if it wasn’t already,” she said, embarrassed.

“Everything was fairly normal, other than his friends being at the same mall and texting us. The movie was fine and probably about halfway through he did something weird. He turned his whole body towards me and put one arm across me and the other on the back of the chair. Like an idiot, I looked him straight in the eyes and with a completely blank stare asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I later learned that statement made his self esteem plummet.”

Another girl explained how the lack of communication on her date made the whole experience miserable.

“We went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The entire time my date was on his phone. We barely made eye contact and there was little communication. Eventually the food came and he ate while continuing to look at his phone.”

“I felt super uncomfortable the entire time and I kept looking around the restaurant. I would try to make small talk but he would barely respond. It was just horrible.”

A male student shared his experience of going on a terrible movie date.

“My girlfriend and I went to the movies and let’s just say it was the last date we went on. Throughout the entire movie she was hogging the popcorn (that I paid for), and every time I reached in for some she would move the bucket of popcorn away. Towards the end of the movie I was really fed up and when I went to grab some popcorn she ended up throwing most of the bucket at me! I left the theatre shortly after, asked her about it that night, and found out that she had found someone else. So she didn’t even want to be there in the first place.”

One student had a situation that is much different than the others.

“Our date itself was really fun! We went to go see a movie and the whole time we threw popcorn at his parents a few rows ahead, and his family was so nice! It was the only date we really went on, and neither of us really talked to each other for about seven months, which contributed to the awkwardness of the whole thing.”

Laughing, she said, “We both ended up being gay (him coming out to me in 8th grade), and we had a laugh about the whole thing.”

Everyone will experience an awkward date at some point that they will most likely laugh (or cry) about later. Next time you go on an awkward or horrible date, think of these students, and know that it happens to everyone.