Dance Team provides a platform for many


Lincoln High School students have amazing talents in the performing arts, but there is no platform with which to portray them to the Lincoln community. Students feel that there are only two ways to show their talents to their peers and teacher: Spirit Week skit night, and Variety Show. If there were a program that ran all year long, students could practice and perfect dance pieces to perform at school events or in the community.

For this reason, I have focused my Exhibition project topic on creating a dance team.

A dance team would help students bond as peers and build social skills that they will need after high school. This is also a form of physical activity where students would have 60 minutes of activity after school, which is how long a person should exercise for a day. The team will work on cooperation techniques and listening skills to enhance the productivity of the team as a whole. There will be auditions for the team, but there will be no cuts. There is an audition just for the atmosphere, dancers need to learn how to act at an audition because in the real dance world, nothing is given to you without hard work.

Our students and teachers took a survey that I created to test if they would be interested in having a dance team for the school. The survey results were pretty positive, as students and teachers agreed that the program would be a welcomed addition to our activities. I also talked to Principal Kevin McNamara, and he was by my side for my whole Exhibition project. I also spoke to the Athletic Director, Mr. Greg O’Connor and he was very pleased to hear that a dance program was in mind for the students.

The dance team is open for all grades in the high school, and there will be practice once a week to start. The team is also student-led, but will have an advisor thanks to Ms. Tiffany Smith, who is also my exhibition mentor. We will work on technique and skills that students should learn, and then create choreography for events.

The main goal of the team is to eventually compete locally against other schools and dance teams. Cumberland High School and Mount St. Charles High School both compete locally to represent their school. It is most definitely possible to create a competitive dance team to represent Lincoln High School and keep it running to show off student talent.

We have hosted an informational meeting for students to sign up and get information on the dance team, and it looks like we are on our way to creating a great program. I encourage all students of LHS to consider joining the dance team.