Changes Come to LHS Cafeteria

Different flavors of milk and a whole new bar in the cafeteria created gossip throughout the school. With these new additions in the cafeteria, students seem to enjoy the new flavored milk and the bar.

With regular milk, chocolate milk, and coffee milk in the cafeteria, there was no reason why there was no strawberry milk! Students seem to enjoy the strawberry milk, it seems to be the main choice of milk that’s always out of the lunchroom. Strawberry milk, and other flavored milks actually have more carbohydrates to protein for muscle recovery. So, maybe students should drink more flavored milk if drink any at all! Most people prefer chocolate milk over strawberry milk, but it has had a great impact on Lincoln High School students.

The new tortilla bar is located in the old cafeteria, and set up on the old stage on the opposite side of the kitchen. For this bar, there is a menu which you can create meals such as a burrito, burrito bowl, taco, and nachos. The first thing you do is pick your meal, and these are available in ground beef, chicken, or pork.

Once that is chosen then you pick your toppings. The toppings you can choose from are charro beans, black beans, cilantro-lime brown rice, cheese sauce, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, jalapeno peppers, and shredded cheddar cheese. The last step for this tortilla bar is to pick your salsa.

These salsa options are either mild salsa, pico de gallo, black bean, and corn. These meals from the tortilla bar are all $3.80, and you can also buy chips and salsa for only $1.25! The tortilla bar seems to be a success, at every lunch period there are students at the bar making meals.

These two new additions give students options on what foods they should eat during lunch. Do you think strawberry milk and the tortilla bar should stay? Many students have positive answers to this question at Lincoln High. Students especially like the idea of a bar because they can make their own combinations of food for their liking. With something prepared in a container, students cannot pick specifically what they are buying. The tortilla bar gives students that option to pay for what they will eat.

The Tortilla bar and strawberry milk will hopefully stay in our cafeterias at LHS.