Pawtucket Red Sox are Going Places

The Pawtucket Red Sox just finished their 75th year at McCoy stadium, but their days at that ballpark could be their last. McCoy Stadium has housed so many memories of the Pawsox, from the longest game in baseball history (33 innings between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Sox in 1986), to winning two governor cups in 2012 and 2014.

Going to McCoy is also a family tradition for many families. The seats are cheap, and the prices of merchandise and concessions being so reasonable keep families of all classes coming back to enjoy a Pawsox game.

The Pawsox staying in Pawtucket would keep these traditions, as the Apex in Pawtucket is the ideal relocation spot for the team. President of the Pawsox Charles Steinberg, believes, “[The] Apex emerged as clearly the most vital for the rejuvenation of Pawtucket.”

Besides the Apex, many other locations have contacted the Pawsox regarding them becoming the team’s new home, with all being in Massachusetts. The most public city that has contacted them about possible relocation is Worcester.

Charles Steinberg has his eyes set on the Apex, and the proposal to the state is that the Pawsox would pay the majority of the investment (45 million). The city of Pawtucket would pay $15 million and own the ballpark, while the state pays $23 million. However, the state would make money on the investment, as they would pay $1.4 million a year towards the ballpark but earn $2 million in revenue, meaning they would make $600 thousand in profit a year. Steinberg states, “I hope the state of Rhode Island chooses to keep us, I believe we are a community asset.”

The Pawtucket Red Sox is also not like any other organization. Everyone is accounted for; you are a person rather than just a number. Employees are treated with respect and feel a sense of unity, while the players participate in many charitable events and meet kids all over the state. The ballpark additionally hosts many events that unite the city.

Director of marketing and merchandising Brooke Coderre, describes her favorite memory in her few years while working for the Pawsox. In the 2016 season she had just started working full time with the team. At the time, she was at Rhode Island College to get her masters degree. On Sunday May 14, Brooke had her graduation. However, with work being busy that day, she had decided to skip and come into work. Charles Steinberg gave her a call into the owner’s suite for help, but it was really a decoy to get her out of her office. She was then taken out onto the field to throw the first pitch and was honored for becoming a full-time worker and graduating college and achieving her masters degree. “It was a testament to who the Pawsox are… make everyone feel special.”

The Pawsox move won’t be for a few more years if the proposal is accepted to move to the Apex. But as for now, the Pawsox are at McCoy Stadium and are focused on business as usual.