How Early is Too Early to Celebrate the Holidays?

As I was rushing past the center on the second week of November, desperately trying to get to AP Calc on time, I noticed something; there was a Christmas tree standing behind the glass. I paused a minute to admire the twinkling colorful lights, briefly forgetting I had somewhere to be, and then continued on my way. As the week continued, I passed by the center often. Each time my eyes never failed to land on the tree, captivated by the sparkling lights and shiny ornaments it wore. This was not all I noticed, however. With each passing by, my ears were constantly affronted by the voices of various students moaning and griping about the tree, complaining, “It’s only November,” and asking, “What about Thanksgiving?” I am no stranger to this mentality. For as long as I can remember, I have listened to people grumble about those who enjoy getting into the spirit of the holidays earlier than most see as socially acceptable. I have witnessed eyerolls directed at people who start decorating their houses with lights soon after Halloween is over. I have observed others getting judged and chastised when they admit to the supposedly heinous crime of listening to festive music anytime before December 1st. This, however, is not another rant condemning these individuals who partake in the “premature” celebration of the holidays. Rather, this is a denunciation of the people who each year find the need to express their antipathy towards them. Now, this may seem like a silly thing to get annoyed over. Why get all bent out of shape just because some people feel the need to complain about others having the AUDACITY to eagerly prepare for their favorite time of the year? The fact of the matter is, the holidays are often a pleasant and joyful time for many people. A time where they are able to gather with the people that they love most and simply appreciate their company. Because they fall at the end of the year, the holidays can also act as the metaphorical bright light at the end of the tunnel for many. After having a tough year, it can be lifesaving to have something so positive and merry to look forward to. When people complain about others preparing for the holidays “too soon,” they are essentially telling those people when it is a appropriate for them to be happy. This situation is truthfully just another example of how people feel entitled to comment on other’s choices despite it not affecting them in any way whatsoever. So, the next time you find your inner scrooge starting to come out, remember that the holidays may mean something different for other people than it does for you. When you feel the impulse to make that unnecessary and dispiriting comment, don’t. Instead, put some comfy holiday pajamas on, pop a candy cane in your mouth, and settle down to watch your favorite holiday flick. Because, who knows, maybe you will enjoy a little premature holiday celebration more than you would think.