LHS at Honey Dew

Catherine Hien, Lion's Roar Staff

     Pulling up to Honey Dew located on Front Street in Lincoln, RI, the chances of seeing a familiar Lincoln High School face are high. Honey Dew is a local donut and coffee shop chain where many people regularly go to daily. Honey Dew is known for providing work opportunities for young adults ranging in age from about 15 to 25 years old. 

     Gaining work experience at a young age is vital for preparing for the future. Also, it is a plus to receive extra money in preparation for upcoming expenses. Honey Dew’s hours of operation are 4 a.m. to 10 p.m., which takes a great deal of commitment. Saturdays and Sundays are typically the busiest days to work, which is when most Lincoln High School students work. As of right now, six Lincoln High School students are currently employed at Honey Dew. 

     Although seating at the Lincoln branch of Honey Dew is closed, they are still allowing customers to come in and order to-go. The workers still have their hands tied during their shifts. Workers have to clean, make drinks, retrieve foods, and ring up customers. Working at Honey Dew takes hard work, however, employees enjoy their jobs.

     Gabriella Feole, a Senior, has been working at Honey Dew for two years. She has gained wisdom and real-life experience by working at Honey Dew. When asked what an average day at Honey Dew looks like, the dedicated worker responded, “Typically very busy, especially during the weekends. It gets stressful at times trying to complete all chores necessary during the specific shift assigned. I do enjoy meeting the people and there are many loyal customers I enjoy seeing.”

     Benjamin Harrison, a sophomore, has worked at Honey Dew since the summer of 2021. Benjamin has an interest in the customers that come in and enjoys making daily connections with them. Benjamin states, “My favorite part about working at Honey Dew is my co-workers and being able to work on Sunday mornings. Another positive is seeing my friends visiting me during my shift and always seeing people from Lincoln High School. Honey Dew is a great place to work at, especially for my first job.”

     Aisha Sarr, a senior, has worked at Honey Dew for just a little over a year. Aisha loves coming into work and who she works with. Aisha believes that she can make some pretty delicious beverages. Aisha reports, “I have a lot of experience with making teas, so I believe that is the best drink I make. I love mastering different types of drinks and serving customers.”

     The Honey Dew workforce sees themselves as a family. The energetic working staff loves seeing their regular customers and attending to their duties. 

     Connecting back to the community, Honey Dew provides scholarships for local high school students looking to find ways to afford college. One can access and apply for this scholarship through a quick Google search that will bring them to the Honey Dew website. Richard J. Bowen established this scholarship in 1999 and is available to local students for any of the Honey Dew franchises. Local businesses add a special charm to small town communities.