Modern Day Superheroes

Alaina Arruda, Lion's Roar Staff

Stan Lee once said, ¨That a person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is true, without a doubt, a real superhero.¨ Our world is faced with many challenges every day and unfortunately we don’t live in a world where Spider-Man and Captain Marvel can fight our battles. Lucky for us though we have people who are willing to put their life on the line to save us and help us when we need it most.

Frontline workers are without a doubt heroic citizens. First responders, Education, and public transit workers are all examples of hidden heroes. They fly into our lives and give us a hand when we need it most. But what about the ones we don’t think of right away such as citizens who make donations to families and hospitals. Restaurant and store owners of big industries usually have ADs for families to donate to families struggling with money and research that goes into finding a cure for deadly illnesses. For example hospitals such as Boston Children’s Hospital Trust, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Hasbro Children’s Hospital. 

In 2017 the family of Marco Muzzo donated a $15 million dollar gift to help build a new hospital in Vaughan, Ont. The Mackenzie Health Foundation said in a statement that it was “the largest single donation in its history.” This extremely generous donation will benefit families in Vaughan for an extremely long time and this donation will always be remembered.

Even in friendly neighborhoods, no good deed goes unnoticed. Not all saving may be for people but for animals. In Pennsylvania, a woman saves a scared animal roaming around her yard after a snow storm. Christina Eyth saw paw prints around her house, thinking it could be her neighbor’s missing dog; she immediately tried looking for the lost animal. When she found the animal wandering in her back yard she immediately brought it inside to feed it and warm it up. ¨It was extremely scary and cold.¨ Christina says. Animal rescuers still aren’t one hundred percent sure what the animal even is. Not all superheros wear capes though, some just wear a winter jacket and snow boots. 

Some superheroes even give us the most meaningful full lines, such as spiderman’s uncle and aunts greatest worldwide quote when they say, “With great power comes great responsibility.¨ This quote applies to people everywhere but especially applies to Troy Cable a neighbor to a woman who house lit up in flames on February 7th. Troy says in an interview with channel twelve news, ¨I searched the first floor quickly nobody was down there. I was yelling, hollering, nobody answered. I went upstairs and the smoke was so bad I couldn’t make it past the top step, so I retreated out because they were yelling for me to get out” But Troy wasn’t the only superhero in this story, firefighters jumped into action when arriving at the scene. The owner of the house was found passed out in her kitchen but thankfully is making a fast and easy recovery. 

Whether you can stick to walls or fly to the moon and back. Superheroes can be found on the big screen and in the big city, superpowers or not, we are all capable of becoming modern-day superheroes.