Lincoln Football Season in Full Swing

Lions secure victory over Coventry, Look forward to important home game against Chariho


Christopher Cooke, Lion´s Roar Staff

     Even when the Friday Night Lights aren’t shining down at Ferguson Field, the Lincoln High School crowd takes crazy measures to pull for their Lions. On Friday, October 7th the Lions would take on the (2-2) Coventry Oakers, in the televised Friday Night Rivals series; which proved to be their biggest task of the season. While the football team prepared to hit the gridiron, Lincoln’s student section planned to pack the stands to support their undefeated squad.

     Around 6 p.m. (approx. 1 hour before kickoff), Lincoln students met at the front of their high school with black attire, ski masks, flags, and air raid sirens ready to go. Once travel plans were arranged, the 35-minute drive to Coventry High School began.

     Upon arrival, the presents of the Lions fan base became the talk of the town. Which may have sparked the football team’s performance between the sidelines. The presence of 35+ students sparked concern for conflict in the eyes of the Lincoln and Coventry administrations, but the reality of the situation was the PRIDE of Lions Country was too much to handle.

     The Lions would start fast with an opening drive touchdown courtesy of tight end Sean Clifford. After a quick score, everything would come to a halt with both teams struggling to score, Lincoln would take their 7-0 lead into the half. Midway through the third quarter, Christian Petrone would spoil one of the Oaker’s few red zone drives with a seventy-five-yard interception return, setting up a Tyler Durang touchdown and a 14-0 Lincoln lead.

     The Coventry Oakers created some waves in the water for the Lions by scoring a late touchdown and cutting the lead to 14-7. After the score, Lincoln would possess the ball for the remainder of the time left and eat the clock down to triple zeros.

     Postgame, Lincoln Head Coach Sean Cavanuagh was asked about the feeling of being 5-0. “Well I’ll tell you it feels good right now, that was a battle. We talked during the week about earning the right to win and tonight it wasn’t just all eleven we needed, we needed our whole sixty-seven”, said Cavanaugh.

     The postgame interviews were followed by a celebration, which was brought all the way back to Lincoln. Like always it’s onto preparation for their next opponent, which is Chariho, the school sitting one spot behind Lincoln in the Division 3 standings. That game will be held at Ferguson Field tonight, with a special Senior Night ceremony starting at 5:40 p.m., followed by kickoff at 6:00 p.m.