What to Expect From Season 3 of “Outer Banks”

Christopher Cooke Jr., Lion's Roar Staff

     Throughout the first two seasons of Netflix’s “Outer Banks” viewers experienced a whirlwind of emotions, making the series mysterious and thrilling. With essentially the entire show revolving around drama, we can assume Season 3 will spark new rivalries, new love interests, character returns, and violence; which is all driven by the thrill of chases the treasure that may have the ability to change everything that is wrong in one’s life, gold.

     During Seasons 1 and 2 of the show, OBX had a large compilation of notable romance stories, creating fan favorites around the Netflix community. In an interview that was conducted before the release of the new season, stars from the show revealed that fans should buckle up for some of the same, new, and old love stories. Perhaps some main characters from the series will give old relationships a second chance in OBX Season 3.

     Regardless of the details that the show reveals, there is one guarantee, the treasure motivated group of teens (John B., Sarah Cameron, JJ, Kiara, Pope, and Cleo) will weasel their way into some sort of trouble and take part in some sort of dangerous expedition. 

     According to people who have already viewed the show, the saga seems to come to an end by the end of the new season, yet that is not the case, as the show confirmed the signing of another season following this one well before it was even released.

     From what we know, this 10 episode season is going to be one to hold onto and treasure because it’ll be the last for quite some time. According to Netflix executive directors, viewers wont see a Season 4 for another to 2 or 3 years.