Opinions on Opinions

By Catherine Hien https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoR3kLDZkY4 Our world is built off opinions. I know I sound crazy, just try to stay with me here when I say: “Everything is an opinion.” Technically speaking, no opinion is wrong; people can just disagree with it. Simple concepts such as colors, currency, science (whether believing it is a fact or not), or even the English language all can fall into the categories of opinions. People blindly inflict their opinions on the decisions of others and have a serious pull dominating their mental headspace. Anyone or anything can be a victim of someone’s random judgment. Judgment envelops our Earth, whether it is someone’s blue hair, the way someone pronounces the word “strawberry”, the way someone parks a car, someone’s social status, the posts one puts out online, the weight gained or loss, the eye bags under one’s eyes, the size of one’s home, the clothes we wear, the length of books one reads, someone’s ability to play sports, the way one raises their child, someone bringing an umbrella into school, the ice cream flavor one chooses to consume, the way one walks, or even the way someone looks at you…someone always has an opinion. It is a regular occurrence of someone judging another. We are human beings, everyone will have an opinion on something. Unless there is some person out there that shares absolutely no opinion of their own making: that human is just a rather boring person. Although everyone judges people, it is the extremes one takes that makes it not okay. Judging one for something that they cannot control, for example, the way they look, the way they talk or the way they learn, can be considered gossiping. Hearing one speak poorly of others can deeply affect the way they live and adjust their personal environments. The concept of opinions is quite fascinating when taking a step back and analyzing it. During a random school day this year, my friends, Emily Harrison and Charlotte Fellingham, and I found ourselves discussing the ideas of opinions. Trailing on a full blown tangent, we spoke about how most things connected to society are based on opinions. Here we were, in class, developing pointless opinions on opinions (the overall inspiration for this opinion piece). Opinions follow us around like lost puppies we find on the street. Our thoughts exceed no limit and can wander to the darkest places. To the naked eye, there are obvious issues with the world we live in. However, when deeply magnifying into the issues, opinions are found to be the root of it all. Furthermore, every important issue that needs to be solved is based on judgement. For example: whether or not a new law has to be institutionalized, a new illness is harmful to society or not, or even if a leader decides to drive their troops into a country or not. Issues that surround us are swept away by judgment calls, and we cannot escape it. Walking down the street, being looked at, getting judged: it is the daily memo. Innocently minding your own business, thinking no one is looking at you, people make useless imaginary comments about you. No one is safe against the silent judgements that are baked into the minds of strangers.