Opinions on Opinions


Catherine Hien, Lion's Roar Staff

     The world revolves around all sorts of crazy opinions. Whether it’s for the amusement of babies, or the way someone sips their tea, humans naturally form-critical viewpoints no matter the situation. Unpopular opinions are controversial ideas that contrast with the crowd. 

     Social media fascinates itself with certain hot takes. It’s a new rage. I am here today for the sole purpose of analyzing, investigating, and discussing the most renowned unpopular opinions mankind has to offer. 

     With a simple Google search, I found the top five unpopular opinions that have skyrocketed to the top — or the bottom of the heap

     First, we have the fifth most common unpopular opinion: Crushed avocados should not be eaten in public. This opinion is totally random, I also do not like avocados but I hold no hatred for others who enjoy them. Why do people care so much about what other people eat along with how they consume it? 

     Next, the fourth most common unpopular opinion: Sweating is fun. Now, this is something I simply cannot stand for. This statement is basically a hate crime. Who would ever enjoy sweating? The moist flow out of our bodies to make us look flushed is something no one should ever find amusing. 

     Now, for the third most common unpopular opinion: Putting a period after a sentence (on text), makes the statement more aggressive. I did not realize that this was an unpopular opinion. Honestly, I think this as well. Even though the person on the other side of the text is simply demonstrating correct grammar, I will always think that the text is intended to be more aggressive. 

     Moving on, we have the second most common unpopular opinion: Sleeping with socks on is okay. For those who remember (the OG’s) my story from 2019, you know I highly disagree with this statement. I find it flat-out disgusting. The thought of sweaty feet rubbing against the piece of cloth in bed makes me uncomfortable. I cannot stand the thought of people sleeping with their socks on. 

     Last but not least, the most common unpopular opinion: Different brands of water do not all taste the same. Interestingly, I actually agree with this statement. It depends on where, how, and who the water is coming from. If the water companies are producing these substances from different parts of the world, there is going to be a difference. 

     Zoning back to our community, two students from Lincoln High School were asked their deepest and darkest unpopular opinions. Respectfully, I am analyzing their weird opinions as well.

     Junior, Nathan Goff holds an unnecessary desire for plain milk and is not ashamed of it. He boldly stated:   “Plain milk is good. Especially from the carton. Everyone always judges me for it, but I didn’t even know this was something so out of the ordinary.”

     Poor Nathan, exiled from humanity for drinking a substance that was naturally created on this earth. Well, in a cow. I feel nothing but sympathy. However, it is a little strange how open he is about drinking plain milk straight out of the carton. 

     Sophomore Jenny Hayden believes that ketchup is a disgrace to our society. 

     “Ketchup used in any way is quite frankly disgusting, and deserves to be banned from all stores. Consuming ketchup should be illegal.” Jenny argues.

     Despite her aggressive claims, Jenny’s passion is unique. Openly wanting to ban ketchup from all markets is a bold, unreasonable desire. However, at least she is consistent, so at least she has that going for her. 

     These opinions are certainly out of this world. I did not know it was even possible to think of things that random. Honestly, I didn’t think people cared enough to form an opinion on concepts that are so insignificant to society.