Summer Jobs for Teens

Charlotte Fellingham Lion’s Roar Staff Want a job this summer? Stores, restaurants, and other jobs are in desperate need of workers due to the current economic conditions of the country. Due to the CoronaVirus, many workers are at home and surviving on unemployment checks, instead of returning to the workforce. This leaves many jobs open in fast-food, retail, restaurants, grocery–mostly all minimum wage jobs. This opportunity allows teens to get a job for the summer, help the economy and business stay open and running. Many small businesses in Rhode Island need more employees to stay open, and if you are looking for a summer job, small businesses are hiring. Applying for a job at a small business would help support them and help them stay in business, as well as be a part of their community they have created. Grace Nadeau, an LHS Junior, recently got a job at Tropical Smoothie Cafe in North Providence, “I wanted to find a job so that I could make money and get some experience, so I started to apply to places and quickly realized that a lot of places were hiring. Tropical Smoothie Cafe hired me, and I started in January 2021. I was nervous, but everyone there was really nice, and now I have been working there for almost six months.” Blackies, a restaurant in Smithfield, is back open and is hiring for the hostess/host position. Blackies is right outside of Lincoln, making it an easy commute for students. Blackies is specifically looking for, “if you have relative, true experience, pay attention to detail, have respect for yourself, are loyal, a go-getter, multi-tasker, polished professional. We are looking for enthusiastic people who have a passion for great food and even better guests.” Laura’s Bar and Grill, which is also located in Smithfield, is hiring hosts/hostesses as well as food runners. The restaurant invites you to check out their website at,, for more information. Angelos Palace Pizza, located in Cumberland on Mendon Road, is currently undergoing renovations and is set to reopen their restaurant on May 28th. The pizza place is hiring in all positions, such as server, bartender, busser, runner, host/hostess, take-out order taker, take-out delivery, and cook. All applications can be placed right on their website,, under the contact tab. Teenagers have a great opportunity to find a summer job that is close to home while getting paid, exploring new opportunities, and gaining experience. Also, it could be fun!