by Olivia Mendes As more people begin to get vaccinated and mask mandates are lifted, an issue that many customer service workers are encountering is whether or not they should be wearing a mask while working. Many employers leave it up to the employee to decide whether or not they’re comfortable not wearing a mask inside, but some are hesitant to do so. I asked fellow journalist Mikela Picard to comment on the issue as she has expressed concerns in this area. She explained: “I just feel like still wearing a mask even though you don’t have to is just common courtesy at this point. I understand that it is safe not to wear one if you’re vaccinated, but I personally would feel uncomfortable seeing a customer service worker not wearing a mask, especially if they are working with food. As someone that works in the customer service area myself, I do not even feel comfortable taking it off for the sake of others. Maybe with some more time things will change, but as of right now I still feel like people, especially workers, should continue to wear masks out of consideration for others.” Tara Broadmeadow, Lincoln High School senior chimed in, adding: “I also don’t feel comfortable with workers deciding to just not wear their masks, even if they are vaccinated. I have had some awkward experiences lately with both customers and workers and agree that even if you are vaccinated, still wearing your mask should be out of kindness for others.” Although it is clear that we need to start somewhere with transitioning back to normal, Broadmeadow and Picard make strong points. In time, we can all agree that we hope for things to return to the way they were and masks will be a thing of the past.