Friday, March the 13th: Our Worst Nightmare

Charlotte Fellingham Lions Roar Staff Friday March 13, 2020, will be forever remembered as the last day of normalcy before the world shut down due to the COVID 19. On this date last year, school was cancelled for two weeks in Rhode Island. Events were postponed, and grocery stores were raided. No one knew what to expect, but most people didn’t expect the year that we are now living in. March 13 symbolized the last of many things such as the last day of school or work, the last day you saw friends, the last day of a normal life. March 13th was not the first day everyone had first heard of the virus and its effect, but it was the first time that everyone saw the virus slowly taking over our lives. It’s now almost been a year since that day, and thinking how the world has been dealing with this virus for about a year now is mind-blowing. This past year has been a crucial and important time in history to be reflected upon. Most LHS students were in their last period classes on that Friday when the Governor of RI, Gina Romonido, announced that RI schools would be closed for two weeks. Confusion, excitement, and fear were the prominent emotions during this time, as students were excited for school end, but also did not know what was going to happen in the future. Many people have their own specific experiences with this day, but no one knew what was truly to come. LHS Junior, Tyler Ogni, recalls the day: “I was sitting in my music appreciation class and the intercom came on. There was a chilling silence in the room as Mr. Mezzanotte explained the situation. When the announcement was finished I looked at my friend and said thank God, we need this break from school.” Little did we know that was the last normal day ever. LHS Junior, Grace Nadeau, had a similar experience: “I remember I was in math class and I was so excited to have a “vacation”. I was initially excited for a break but I dreaded it in the future. I was talking to my friend at the time about what was going on in class and we were really confused as to what was happening.” On this day at LHS, students were in their last period classes listening to the announcement of school being cancelled. On this day, LHS Variety’s Show was cancelled, and due to the virus it was never rescheduled. That day was the last of many things, but it was also the first of many new things. When the pandemic began, a new life and world came with it and everything changed rapidly. A widespread pandemic is something that we have not seen in our lifetime, and hopefully something we will not see again. This pandemic will be a topic learned from in history, and it will forever change the world in many ways.