The Fast Food No No

By Catherine Hien Lion’s Roar Staff Many factors play in on why eating fast foods is detrimental to one’s health and on their cell membranes. Fast food restaurants such as Chick Fil-A, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Subway have extremely unhealthy ingredients that go into their meals. Some of the most concerning ingredients are provided in these meals, which possesses GMOs and pesticides. Ingredients contain chemicals such as fluorine, potassium bromate, TBHQ, phosphate additives and lactic acid. For instance, at Taco Bell, the meat is made from cattle raised in a factory farm who are fed GMO and injected with hormones. GMOs and hormones that enter into the human body are incredibly toxic and could create long-term effects on one’s health. To continue, fast food places such as Taco Bell, Chick Fil-A , Subway and Wendy’s all commonly use trans fat in their foods to make it last longer. Trans fat raises one’s cholesterol levels and could build up one’s blood vessels which links to heart diseases. Having food options is important for one’s everyday life, however, it is even more significant to know what exactly is going into one’s meal at a fast food restaurant. Not only do fast food places have negative effects on one’s heart, they have a toll on one’s cell membrane. The cell membrane provides protection for the cells. One of the most important functions the cell membrane does is to transport nutrients into the cell and to transport toxic substances out of the cell. Possessed foods are extremely harmful to the cell membrane. What one puts into their body is a reflection of one’s cell membrane’s composition. One’s cell membrane could be composed of unhealthy acids if foods that are processed or have dangerous chemicals in them are consumed. These unhealthy levels can lead to long-term effects such as obesity, heart disease and type two diabetes. To improve this composition, eating foods with high nutrients can positively change the amount of fatty acids inside the cell membrane. Rather than fast food places, the human body is a temple that deserves healthy foods to enter.