Americans Failed Red Wave Revolution

By Patrick Keenan Lion’s Roar Staff January 6 2021. The day where Republican supporters behind President Donald J. Trump had stormed, raided, and nearly took control of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. These moments, not too different from the year that had just passed us, will live in infamy. There has not been a moment like this since the British armies burned the White House to a crisp in the War of 1812. Yet, this time, those who raided the Capitol, were not trained, were not armed to the extent that the British were, they were just people. Civilians Were able to take the lives of four people, and fatally wound our tried and true democratic system. These events came to be after a long two months. The far right have been spouting baseless claims that the election was fraudulent in some way, yet only in the states that Trump had lost in, convenient is it not? The claims escalated from late mail-in ballots to voting software’s switching votes and has slowly fallen out of relevancy since no real evidence proving these claims have come up yet. Though, a strong willed group of people won’t ever stop believing that their election was stolen unjustly and should be looked into without fail and until those “responsible” are caught and arrested. Those people have a name to follow, a cause to fight for, and one man to fight for. That man, that name, is Donald Trump. These supporters are so unhealthily dedicated to him that it seems they would do feasibly anything Trump could ever ask of them. The events that took America by storm recently proved that statement. At a rally to promote lies and misinformation, Trump made a comment about storming the capital building as electors were certifying Joe Biden’s presidential win. The people ended up invading the Capitol; Raiding it, breaking windows, going into Nancy Pelosi’s private office, and sitting on the chair the Vice President was in when he was overseeing the confirmation. These people invaded a government building that is supposed to be armed and protected, especially in a time like this, when a situation so sacred and so important to our democracy is taking place. Right wing media was quick to exchange the blame to something else. A host from One America News said “it resembled Antifa-like tactics” and Newsmax claimed the same thing. With all this civil unrest, destruction, and sadly death happening, what do we as Americans do now? Many democrats and liberals are calling for Trump’s removal under the basis of the 25th Amendment, and that it is Mike Pence’s duty as the Vice President to get the unfit President out of office. Pence has reportedly denied invoking the 25th Amendment, but is clearly angry at the President for his comments, saying “He doesn’t have the courage” to deny the approval for Joe Biden. Trump has also reportedly said that he doesn’t want to be his friend anymore, something not too different than what a toddler would say. This bitterness between the VP and President is nothing we have ever seen before in American history. It is unknown how much these disastrous events will affect the Trump administration in its final days, but from what has been gathered, it can be sensed that it won’t be simple. Ted Cruz, one of Trump’s most bipolar supporters, has for the second time, turned away from the President. In 2016 they were bitter rivals in the republican primaries. Cruz had called Trump out for being a “pathological liar” and Trump called Ted “lying Ted Cruz.” Yet, as the years went on, Ted warmed up to the ‘pathological liar’ and became one of his most vocal supporters. He had raised funds for his campaign and the election, later for election fraud. He stood by Trump, to the point where he vowed to not certify the election results unless an “emergency audit” took place. The audit never took place and he along with other GOP senators tried to make sure the election was not certified. Later on, hours after the riots and coup began, he tried to make it seem that he opposed the event, but no one believed his crocodile tears. Later on, days later, there were calls for his resignation. On twitter there was a hashtag trending that read as #TedCruzKilledACop, making reference to the officer who passed away due to the violence at the capital. During the event, the entirety of the DC National Guard was called along with parts of the National Guard in two neighboring states. Along with the 1,700 members of the Capitol Police. They were wearing mostly standard uniforms rather than riot gear. Groups of National Guard troops arrived later on, close to 5 p.m., wearing full riot gear. This was three hours after the invasion of the Capitol building had begun. It was an absolute disaster for the Capitol Police. Many have made comparisons to the protests and riots that had happened before in the summer of 2020. The police force were using full riot gear the entire time, tear gas frequently and even put protestors in cages. The curfew was strict during those riots, that those who stayed after the allotted time were risking their lives just to stay there. The curfew for D.C. was set to 6 p.m., and only hours later, at 11 p.m., all the protesters were gone. The leniency shown by the police is horrific. After the dust settled, we now have the numbers on what had happened during the riots. Five people died, including one police officer. Over 50 people were injured and 15 officers were injured. While research on this topic was underway, I found a quote linked to Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Thomas Paine. A quote most likely stated during the peak of the civil unrest in the colonies, is now being re-stated during the Trump administration. The simple fact that this quote is being said after a failed coup at our Capitol is utterly horrific. Is this really what America is? “When the government fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Is this what our founding fathers fought for? It is not, but that matters little, that is what we have begun. We have only ourselves to blame.