Is Santa Immune to COVID-19?


Catherine Hien, Lion's Roar Staff

Cheer fills the air as the temperature drops, we all know what this means: it is officially the holiday season! As we turn into the last trimester of the year 2020, COVID-19 continues to follow us socially, physically and quite frankly, mentally. The holidays are going to be looking very different this year as the Corona-case skyrockets, even for the youngest among us. Sadly, 2020 is not a good time to seek out Santa for a polaroid on his lap.

But there may be options. For those who celebrate Christmas, guardians across the world pondered on how they should break it to their loved ones that Santa can not come this year due to the pandemic. By keeping them safe, it is rational to decide that Santa should not be welcomed into their home because he would be coming from billions of other homes. No one knew of Santa’s status, especially because he has been MIA (missing in action) throughout the entire pandemic. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has come to the rescue to answer all of these unanswered questions, “Santa is exempt from this because Santa, of all the good qualities, has a lot of good innate immunity,” Fauci exclaims (USA Today). So here we have it: Santa is in fact immune to the Coronavirus, how exciting is that? Families and friendships across the globe will not be exposed to the virus from the real Santa Claus (however, the chances they can get it from the substitute Santa’s that hang out in the public are extremely high). Life for the substitute Santa’s looks a little different this year.

Santa’s across the nation have been assigned to host Zoom calls with the little tikes for this unusual holiday season. Santa Bob Jordan, who stations outside of Boston, Massachusetts, reports, “It’s a constant struggle to be a 2020 Santa Claus…and I make no secret that I don’t know what I’m doing” (CBS News). It is like a child’s dream come true to be able to talk to Santa directly in the comfort of your own home. Interested? Check out the information down below to pay for Zoom calls with Santa. Remember to stay safe during the holiday season to help stop the spread of COVID-19. One can stay safe by keeping your circle small, and by wearing a mask. Happy holidays, stay safe LHS. Santa won’t be at Garden City this year: Santa will be at Warwick Mall until December 24:

Visiting Santa Guidelines NO CONTACT Give yourself and your family plenty of time in case of a line/wait. Please practice social distancing while waiting in line with other guests. Masks or face shields are required, no exclusions for pictures. Enjoy Santa with your eyes! Children 2 years of age and up are required to wear a mask or face shield per State of Rhode Island CDC Guidelines. Children are not allowed to sit on Santa’s lap. Santa brought his special bench from the North Pole just for you to sit on! We encourage one family member to wait in line, while the rest of the family takes a walk or goes shopping.

This can also help the line move quicker. “10 minutes away from Santa!” sign is located in the line to prepare yourself and your family to get ready for pictures. Instant proof photos are available by Melino Photography! No personal cameras/or phone cameras allowed. This Santa is at Chestnut hill mall (no direct contact, but kids can sit and chat with him for a bit.) Pay for a zoom meeting: Another Santa for hire: They can’t visit him, but he will visit them: