Raimondo’s New Rules


Mikela Picard On November 19th, 2020, Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo held a press conference live at 1 pm EST. Raimondo addressed the rising death cases due to Covid-19 and presented her plans for the next few weeks. She decided to put Rhode Island on a “pause” for the next two weeks starting November 30th. During the live stream, a detailed chart was projected on the screen, showing what is staying open, what has limited openings, and what is staying closed. While elementary and middle schools are allowed to stay open, many high schools have been asked to change their in-person plans, limiting schools to 25% capacity. In-person colleges, bars, offices, gyms, and recreational venues have been completely closed and sports events have been canceled according to the new rules. Houses of worship have been limited to 25% capacity and restaurants have been limited to 33% capacity indoors, only allowing one household per table and enforcing early closures. In any grocery, and retail stores only 1 person is allowed per 100 square feet, and many stores will be closed for Thanksgiving. Raimondo also stressed the importance of cutting down social gatherings by limiting them to only your household. With Thanksgiving around the corner, Raimondo has decided to cancel any celebrations. She specifically stated that Rhode Islanders can only celebrate Thanksgiving with members of the immediate household. Raimondo also urged residents to stay home and not travel during the holidays. The purpose of all these closures is to slow the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the positive test rate. “If Rhode Island cooperates and complies for two weeks….We have a real shot to temper the rise which would allow us to limit the pause to just two weeks,” Raimondo said. “If we don’t, then I will have to go back to a total lockdown.” These new closures and restrictions will start on November 30th. Raimondo informs that Rhode Island residents should be prepared for a two-week “pause.”