Will Black Friday become an event from the past?

Sara McGinness Every November, thousands of people around the world get excited for a cost effective day that happens every year after Thanksgiving…Black Friday! This event, which is considered to be the start of the Christmas shopping season, attracted millions of people to their local mall and shopping outlets. With our world in a global pandemic, will deal hunters quit the savings this year due to COVID or will they risk anything to get a good deal? With COVID-19 still spreading daily, businesses everywhere are starting to worry about how they will plan for the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. Many stores and major retailers have been starting their sales earlier so everyone has enough time to receive amazing deals without the worry of breaking COVID rules. Also, a lot of stores are giving their in person shoppers many sales but are waiting until Black Friday itself to give even better deals online. Nearly 51% of shoppers feel anxious about shopping in stores due to this pandemic and 64% of their budget is expected to be spent online, according to a new shopping survey from Deloitte. But for the people who will participate in Black Friday shopping in stores, they will experience an increase in protocols and capacity control to abide COVID prevention. Many of our favorite stores including Best Buy, Macys, Target, and Walmart have already shared their new plans for this shopping extravaganza. Best Buy shares that their first sale event will be online starting November 5th and the sales will only get better from there. On Black Friday they will open their doors at 5 am and will have strict controlled capacity and also contactless curbside pickup. Black Friday sales for Macys will start in stores and online on November 4th and for the actual day of Black Friday, their customers should expect the same sales and prices in stores. Macys is also participating in contactless curbside pickup, buy online and pick up in store, and same day delivery using a popular delivery service, Doordash. How Target is marketing their store to practice safe shopping is having the whole month of November in advancement called ¨Black Friday Now¨. They are also extending their price match policy from two weeks after all purchases to two months. Target staff has also included contactless payment in their Target app. Walmart is starting their Black Friday sales for three weeks only, the first, second, and fourth weeks of November will be participating in these amazing deals. For the in store shoppers, Walmart staff has arranged for there to be ¨Health Ambassadors¨ at every entrance to make sure all customers are wearing their masks and using their sanitizing stations they will be setting up. Walmart (WMT) said the changes at its stores ¨will be safer and more manageable for both our customers and our associates¨. With all our favorite stores becoming as flexible as possible to make sure their customers are feeling their safest, Black Friday shopping for 2020, whether your shopping online or in stores will be the safest way to acquire the best savings of the year!