College Football All Around the Country!


Preston Jafferian College Football has been going on all around the country even throughout the pandemic. They have followed similar protocols as the NFL, but since many players live on campus, they can be even more cautious and safe. During the start of the season, there were many cases of the virus causing games to be canceled or postponed, but the numbers have gone down for the league and have continued to compete around the country. These college athletes have been given the chance to prove what they can do leading up to next year’s draft. However, players like Trevor Lawrence who has been established for the most part has caught the virus, and the best option might be to sit out the rest of the season and get ready for the NFL. Some conferences have started earlier and later than each other so the rankings have been difficult, but as the season progresses, they will become easier due to the larger body of work. But as of now, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Clemson, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio State, BYU, Oregon, Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida, and Georgia are all teams to look out for leading up to the College Football Playoffs. More locally, Rhode Island College teams have not started their season yet, due to the higher risk in Rhode Island along with other teams in their conference. At this point, it is very likely that they do not have a season but next season should be very interesting. At this point in the season, there are still many opportunities for teams to make the playoffs, however, if a team that is not in a power five conference and has a loss it is very unlikely. Along with that, if a team is not going to win their conference, their chances of making it are also decreased. However, a few years ago we saw that it is more important to the committee that you have fewer losses while playing elite competition compared to a conference championship with two losses. We found this out when Alabama who did not win the SEC made the playoff over Ohio State who won the Big 10 but had 2 losses. The criteria for the playoffs have been to lose at most 2 games, win or compete for a conference championship, and beat other top teams giving the team a better resume. Looking at the top 25, there are only around 18 teams that still have a chance at the playoffs. Should the League make a change and increase the amount of teams in the playoffs or should it stay the way it is? This has been a question ever since the new league has been created. However, unlike any other sports organization, the focus on winning each game and playing at a high-level week after week has been the highest of any other league around the world, and that’s what makes College Football so intriguing. Who will win it all? Will it be Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Clemson, or will it be someone else? Fans all around the country are all enthusiastic and excited to see how the season will commence.