Fox New’s Big Three


For many Americans, Fox News is their source of information. For the most part, it can be a reliable source until we reach three, using the term lightly ¨News Anchors¨ that change Fox News from a reliable conservative news source, to a game, seeing how much we can appeal to Donald Trump in a given set of time. Those three ¨Anchors¨ being Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, And Laura Ingraham. These three anchors are not only obviously biased towards the president, but seem to be morally okay with lying and reporting unproven or disputed claims that could easily be damaging to someone in a horrible way. I watched one major part of each of these three, and tried to dissect what they were trying to get across. I will attach the link to the Fox News website I got these slips from Sean Hannity: In this 11 or so minute clip, Sean Hannity moves from talking about the now president elect Joe Biden, claiming that he is frail and losing his cognitive ability. Criticizing how he isn’t out on the campaign trail doing rallies, Insulting the Green New Deal, claiming that Kamala Harris will be the driving force over Joe Biden when they are put in office among many other things that will be expanded upon later. The two biggest things that he states in this clip is that voting for Donald Trump is the last hope that we as Americans have for keeping our great democracy. That voting for Joe Biden would mean a socialist corrupt rule, and that the left socialist agenda will take away many American things, like oil, coal and gasoline, red meat, guns by executive order, etc. factually, claims of a Joe Biden presidency being run by Kamala or AOC or Bernie or any one of the other leftist politician Fox News dislikes is just wrong. A Joe Biden presidency will have Joe Biden in office and leading, no other politician. The belief that the left would take away red meat is most likely a reaction to the green new deal. The right believes that the left will take away hamburgers and beef. Many democratic lawmakers and politicians want to restrict gun rights for the safety of the people which is understandable. Taking away guns in this day and age would be a very difficult operation and would most likely never come to be. The green new deal illustrates having a completely green energy source by 2050, by that, it means that it will replace oil, coal, and fossil fuel centered jobs, with solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric jobs. The way Sean Hannity illustrates a leftist government seems like an apocalypse to many. A dictatorship where your job, livelihood, and hobbies are stolen from you but it’s not true. What Sean Hannity says can be brought down to simply right wing propaganda, ment to make those who watch Fox News vote for Trump, so that they don’t have to lose what they love, not because they support him, and that’s horrifying. Tucker Carlson: This news story was done November 12th, claiming that many dead folk in Georgia voted in the 2020 presidential election, and by mail. These claims can be disputed and some can be false, while there is a chance that some of these claims may be true. However unlikely it is, it can be true if proven. Tucker Carlson gives names of those who are claimed to have voted beyond the grave. I personally looked up their names, trying to find any sort of evidence, mostly in the forms of lawsuits. To be proven, there should be some sort of e legal suit, saying that this person is deceased and the vote should not be valid. Looking through the list of Georgian lawsuits based on voter fraud, from the White House websites own list of voter fraud cases by year and state, the most recent case in Georgia is from 2015 and is for a false registration by a man named Mohammad Shafiq. Even more damning than that, one of the ¨dead voters¨ that Tucker had named off was a man named James Blalock. For once, it had evidence, there was a ballot that had the names James Blalock on it, it was a mail-in ballot, and it was for Joe Biden, a Fox News dream come true, but there was a catch. The voter was alive. The voter was James Blalocks widowed wife, who cast it under his name as Mrs. James Blalock. Tucker Carlson had to formally apologise on air about his mistake but this should stand for something. Fox News didn’t care about looking into the subject, clearly. Any reputable news source should do some sort of investigative journalism to prove their case, but Tucker Carlson seemingly just wanted to give the people what they wanted to hear, without evidence, that the election was fraudulent, and gave a seemingly miscellaneous list of names and dates to prove it, without evidence. Laura Ingraham: Recently, Laura did a show where she consulted a doctor who believed that social distancing, masks, and quarantine did not work in halting the spread of the virus. She invited a doctor, a cardiologist to explain the study and how those three factors dont help halting the virus, they assist in spreading it. Explanation doesn’t need to go any further it seems, it is very clear what is happening. Laura is infamous for Covid-19 misinformation spreading, with one account claiming over 30+ in July of this year, study done by ¨FastCompany¨. She brings a doctor onto her show, yet, not that it matters, but no one has heard of this doctor in any other way. That does not mean he’s not credible however, a quick search and you can find that he has over 30 years in cardiology, and even won physician of the year in 2015, which is impressive. Cardiology is the study of the heart, while someone like Dr. Fauci, studies epidemiology, the study of infectious diseases. While Dr. Oskoui is a very smart man, he shouldn’t attempt to know things outside of his study. The study that Laura Ingraham speaks of is a study done with marines and navy soldiers in which they were forced to practice complete social distancing, in which some still got the virus, which is and always has been possible, but while the study suggests that people also get tested regularly to help lower the chances even more, Laura and the doctor don’t hesitate to just say that masks, quarantine, and social distancing dont work. That information is dangerous, extremely dangerous. People who watch Laura Ingraham who don’t fact check, and just accept what this news anchor¨ says as fact, will be in serious risk of catching the virus if they do what she says. It’s taken nearly half a year to get most of the population to wear masks and be safe in public, but now, if enough people get fooled by her incompetence, the populus may be in a serious risk of an increased death rate, overpopulation in hospitals, and having to lose more loved ones than they should, Fox News has two sides in reality. They have the real news anchors and investigative journalists, who tell the people how it is without a second thought, and then there’s the personalities most associated with Fox News the most. The three people who will go to the grave before admitting the president did something wrong, and the three people who say what the president wants to hear. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham should be taken off a news network, otherwise seen as truthful and fair. They are bigots, liars, fear mongers, and the laughing stock of the cable news world.