How Hard is it to Feel Connected During Spirit Week?

Giuliana Maselli Covid is a hard time for all but especially the full virtual kids, like me, and LHS. This week November 9th- 13th is spirit week at LHS. Spirit week used to be so fun, with battle, skit, dances, and everyone getting together and just having fun for a week. Now, COVID-19 has taken that from us, exceptionally the full virtual students. I know for me, last year all I looked forward to was spirit week, that’s all everyone talked about and I just couldn’t wait. Currently, we still technically have spirit week just a more dreary version. You can still dress up and have a little fun but there is no huge gathering in the gymnasium, there are no dances and it’s hard to have fun in such a hard time. Back to what i was saying I am home ALL day, doing work, joining google meetings, zooms, and also trying to feel like I am in school and connected with my classmates. It’s hard for me to feel included or connected with everyone else because I am through a screen all the time and most of my friends are in school. While everyone gets to dress up for pajama day, it’s no dress up day for me. I am already in my pjs! But other than that I do feel like the people at school do have a better connection with everyone, including teachers. I am really sad that I don’t get to celebrate with friends and my teachers, what once was such a fun time for everyone. I feel like it is so hard to feel connected not just with spirit week but with school in general. But at least I am staying safe!