A Physical Kindle

By: Charlie Gay What devices or apps can be used in this time to reduce boredom? One thing that has helped out many in these times are electronics, the wonderful world of games and the internet! There are devices that can allow you to access books, music, ways to talk from a distance! When the virus hit everyone was affected and to some these devices became a major point of continuing normal lives, but virtually. Some do not have access to these devices or don’t have but thankfully here is a list with some awesome devices/apps so people can still do the things they love and included are alternates just in case. Kindle: This awesome device can connect you to Amazon so you can buy books from Amazon using the kindle option and you can even borrow books from your library and download it off Amazon! For those who can’t get the app then just use the kindle app on your phone and connect to your Amazon account to get books. Playstation4/Xbox one/switch: The companies Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have created some absolutely amazing consoles that have great graphics and most importantly, an online store in which you can get games from. The Switch especially has had some interesting games come out, like Super Mario 3d Allstars and Mario Royale as well as Steve joining Smash bros. These consoles also have ways of playing with friends by not just multiplayer, but chat features and on Switch, a way of knowing which games your friends are playing. Angry Birds 2: This free to play app is the official sequel to Angry Birds! For those that are bored and want to play the simple pig popping game in a little bit of a new way, then launch this new one! This app is perfect for taking out your stress by destroying stuff and winning levels. Apple TV/TV app: this wonderful app lets you get movies either from the store or just download them if a family member has it. This app lets you watch movies ad-free and can let others download some bluray movies using a code inside. This app is free. Dr Mario World: In these times this awesome, challenging virus buster looks awesome, be the good doctor and bust viruses with medicine. This game also has other characters aside from Mario, you can even use special abilities to help you get out of a jam. As shown here, there are still many things people can entertain themselves with, use to get stress out with, test your mind, and use to communicate with friends. Just because there is a plague about doesn’t mean all facets of life(parts of who you are) are cancelled.