COVID-19 vs. The 2020 Election


By Sara McGinness It is that time again where the presidential election has taken over social media yet again. You find out the candidates, you go vote and that’s it, right? Well this year there has been a lot more conflict with the 2020 election then there has ever been before. Over the past couple months, one of the main topics people can not stop talking about is the 2020 election and COVID. America has faced many conflicts over the past couple of months with the Democratic and Republican candidates, Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump. Yet, with all this drama about anticipated mail-in ballots, and early voting surges, this global pandemic has now shaped almost every voter in America. With Election Day right around the corner, over 80 million mail-in ballots have been requested, which is about double the amount of votes that were entered from the previous election in 2016 alone. Since COVID has taken over everything in the past six months people have been worried about how they will get to vote. Uncommon varieties have had an uprise due to covid like online voting. Many social media platforms including Instagram and Snapchat have spoken up about how important voting is. Instagram has made advertisements and attached links so people can have access to voting. Instagram also came up with a sticker that says “I voted” that also has a link attached to it called “Get to the Polls”. This sticker helps voters find the closest polling location to them. Snapchat is also giving their users many opportunities to vote but they are also creating fun filters and links where you can register to vote. Even with all the voting options to try and make voting easier during this time, there are many other things that are unable to happen due to COVID. Such things as presidential conventions, relegated fundraising, and campaigning are unable to proceed due to COVID. The two most popular candidates have very different futuristic plans on how to deal with Covid-19 . Recently, Associated Press News stated that Donald Trump has stopped listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci and wants to get along with the nation’s top infectious disease specialists. He says that Dr. Fauci is not a “team player”. “The only thing is he’s a little bit sometimes not a team player.”Trump said, denying the fact that him and Fauci were at odds. Throughout all this drama and everything that has been going on, “he Republican president insists he is confident as he executed a packed schedule despite the pandemic.” On the other hand, Democratic candidate Joe Biden wants to deal with COVID differently. states that“According to Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon learned late Wednesday (10/14) that two people associated with the operation had tested positive for the coronavirus.”. Biden and his team took the basic COVID procautions to stay as safe as possible. says, “It is because of the protocols that we have in place that we have been able to get this information, that we were able to identify what’s happening here¨ O’Malley Dillon said noting the campaign’s regular testing for Biden…” Even with everything going on and all the drama in the world from this worldwide pandemic, voting is still a very important duty that American citizens must do. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!