Your Vote Matters!

By Giuliana Maselli The 2020 election is right around the corner, and some people still haven’t voted! If you think your vote doesn’t matter, think again! Your vote CAN make a big difference. We get it. There’s not much time for anything else between work and family sometimes, but most states now offer options for either early voting or voting-by-mail! Early voting allows you to select a time that is convenient for you, in a date range before the election day. You may even be able to select your polling place, such as voting early at a polling place closer to work or on the way to dropping your children off. The fact of the matter, whether you like the leading candidates or not, is that one of them will win. They represent a party with a platform on different issues, such as taxes, schools, health, environment, jobs, infrastructure, etc, even if you don’t like them, and will generally act along those lines if elected. The objectives and values of which party are a better match for you? It’s better to choose the candidate in the long run, more in line with the things you value! Voting your opportunity to vote for the things you want and against anything you think is not a good idea. You might be like me and really don’t have say because you don’t really know anything about the candidates. Well.. it’s not that hard to look up information about the candidates and where they stand. Some places you can check are, most of the presidential candidates have twitter pages that they talk about their standings, or you could simply google the name and a little more about what they do and stand for. You might also want to search up the candidates record, if they have been in office before, what kind of experience they have, what have and haven’t they done? And do they have the right experience for the most important job in the US. That is all up to YOU to decide. Don’t think that process works? By as little as one vote, elections have been decided! And if all the eligible people who stayed home had gone out and voted in most elections, they would easily have had the ability to influence the election results! In 1968, Hubert Humphrey lost and Richard Nixon won the presidential election by a margin of fewer than three votes per precinct! Use your voice when it matters the most. Go to to register to vote today (it only takes 2 minutes! Literally..) You can also go to your local town hall and vote there OR call your local town hall and request your ballot as close to the election as you can or as soon as you can. When your ballot arrives carefully read through instructions, complete it and return it. IT’S THAT EASY!