Supporting Local Businesses: Red, White, and Brew!

In this time of need for local businesses, those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to, should seek out different local businesses that we can support. Luckily for you, I’ve found a great coffee place that supports an amazing cause: the whole package! Additionally, this business has only been open for less than six months and would love all the support from their community they can get. Red, White, and Brew has so much to offer and deserves all the support we can give right now. Located in North Smithfield, Red, White, and Brew was founded by Sheila Coyne and her son Michael Coyne. They were inspired to start their own business after Michael struggled to find work because of his disability. Michael has autism, and employers could not seem to see that Michael is a hard worker and kind man. “I worked for a year free at a restaurant in East Providence, and after that, my mom and I thought I was going to be hired and I wasn’t,” he said. “I applied four years straight to the job. I decided to do this instead.” With the support of his family, Michael took some business classes and opened up Red, White, and Brew. Additionally, there’s a small store inside the coffee shop, The Budding Violet, that sells a variety of items from other local businesses. The coffee shop doesn’t only sell coffee, though. They sell a large variety of other drinks, pastries, and truffles. Their impressive assortment of truffles with flavors like Sea Salt Caramel and Creme Brulee is one of the best elements of the shop. Michael’s personal favorite on his menu is the rich Vanilla Chai. Additionally, the coffee shop offers a community feeling. Visitors are welcomed with smiles. Michael often walks around greeting people seated at tables, and welcoming customers as they arrive. He loves what he does for a living. Michael says his favorite part about owning his own business is “being able to show the system that people with disabilities can do stuff, including opening their own businesses,” and he has definitely found success in doing so. He also wants everyone to know that Red, White, and Brew hires people both with and without disabilities because everyone is deserving of employment. He hopes that others can follow in this example and treat people with disabilities with kindness. “We like people to include kids with disabilities instead of casting them out,” he says. So if you’re looking for a local business to support, stop by at Red, White, and Brew, have a chat with Michael, and see for yourself all that they have to offer.