Candy Ratings

As I am currently laying in my bed at 4:22 am, I am pondering two things: Why am I still up? And, Thank goodness I have my candy stash next to me right now. During quarantine, to keep us occupied some have learned new skills and have been benefiting from this time at home. However, me on the other hand, I have been snacking and watching Netflix for the majority of this time. Am I ashamed? Honestly, not really. As far as I am concerned, I am doing what I would normally be doing on the weekends back when everything was normal. Sitting here thinking to myself, I have an assortment of candy next to me as I am binge watching the season two of Dead to Me on Netflix. In my stash, I have a Twix bar, Airhead Xtremes, Air-Head Bites, Twizzlers and Sour Skittles. Out of these 5 candies I have next to me on this warm spring night, I have decided to rate which candy I fancy the most. I am judging based on two qualities, the overall taste and the way it makes me feel afterwards. The ratings of these delicious nighttime snacks will be out of 10. After this taste test, I should really go for a jog or something. Well, that is something to worry about later. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the candy ratings. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this article are my own and I am heartily sorry if I offend you in any way. Starting off right, here I have the infamous Twix bar. The taste-bud loving combination of caramel and chocolate with a hint of crunch is hitting so different right about now. Although I am not the biggest chocolate person, Twix is certainly an exception. The sweet taste of the Twix bar receives a score of 9/10. Diving into the next candy, we have Airhead Xtremes. Off the record, this candy is my all time favorite and will try my hardest not to show any bias when judging. The sour and sweet of the soft strip of pure sugar makes my mouth water. Without any bias, Airhead Xtremes receives a score of 10/10 ( okay- maybe a little bias). After the last contestant, I am not sure how Airhead Bites could ever follow up. On a side note, Airhead Bites are sweet condensed regular Airheads that are easy to eat. However, the taste is way too sweet, especially for the state I am at now. The score for Airhead Bites is a solid 5/10. Proceeding, the next candy is the breath-taking Twizzlers. My whole life, I have loved Twizzlers. Although the taste is rather plain, it is simply just enough to win me over. The quality of this candy is immaculate. The overall rating for Twizzlers is a 8/10. Finally, the last candy I am testing tonight is Sour Skittles. The ability this candy has to make one squint to make one relax is impressive. This mix of a sour and sweet taste is my personal favorite (As you probably could tell). Sour Skittles will receive a total score of a 7/10. Now I shall analyze today’s ratings of the 5 different candies. Coming in hot in last place was Airhead Bites. Next, in fourth place trails Sour Skittles. After, in third place comes Twizzlers. Now, announcing second place is… Twix! There you have it folks, in first place troops Airhead Xtremes! To conclude the results for my late night candy-binge, my go-to is officially Airhead Xtremes. Airhead Xtremes was awarded a score of a 10/10! I would like to thank all the candies that have joined me on this late night excursion and for their commitment.