Celebrating a Birthday During a Pandemic

Having a birthday is usually a fun time of year when people can celebrate with their friends, families, etc. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, that has made celebrating much more difficult. This isn’t to say that birthdays can’t be fun during quarantine, but it does make them very different. There are a few ways that people can celebrate during these unprecedented times. Since everyone is limited to their houses, this gives the opportunity for more time spent with family. Having quality family time can be a really good thing, but after being cooped up inside for nearly two months, one would be lying if they said they weren’t at least a little bit annoyed with their family members. However, birthdays are a good time to reconnect with people. A huge downside about having a birthday during the pandemic is not being able to see friends. However, many people and families have organized birthday “parades” or “drive-bys” where friends or family can drive by the birthday kid’s house and beep their horns and wish them a happy birthday. This allows people to see their friends and wish them a happy birthday, all while never leaving their cars and abiding by the precautions set in place. Having these drive-bys as a surprise or a planned event has proven to be a really nice way to make a quarantine birthday better. Some other alternatives that could be put in place during a pandemic birthday, are changing up some traditions. Maybe instead of buying a store-bought cake, one at home could be made. Also, getting takeout for dinner, or having a meal cooked at home is a much safer thing than going out at a time like this. In addition to this, websites like Amazon and other online shopping sites make it so that parents or family members don’t have to go out to buy gifts. Gifts can easily just be ordered and dropped off at the home. This is a much safer alternative. Good ways to make someone’s birthday more memorable are making sure to reach out. This could be by either text message, Snapchat or Instagram, or even a card in the mail. People with birthdays now may be feeling lonely, sad, or just bored, so reaching out to them is a great way to stay connected and wish a friend a happy birthday. Times like this are certainly not ideal. Things have changed so much and we have entered a state of “new normal.” These truly are unprecedented times for all of us, so it’s very important that everyone looks out for one another. Things have to get worse before they can become truly better, so it’s vital that everyone sticks it out now, because better times are certainly in the future.