School is Still Important

Lincoln High School, along with the state of Rhode Island, have been out of school for over a month now. With schools being announced that they will be closed for the rest of the year, it is hard to imagine how thousands of students are individually dealing with the new circumstances. From learning at home, and through a screen, this is a different environment for everyone. However, it is more important than ever to be on your A game. Millions of lives across the world have been changed forever, due to the 2020 pandemic, COVOID-19. Students of all ages are now finishing the 2019-2020 school year virtually. This is something that is new for not only the students, but also the teachers; so, there has to be effort from both sides in order for this to work. No one expected things to change so fast. The teachers at Lincoln High School, and all over the state of Rhode Island, are doing all they can to help make this smoother for us. They are putting in extra hours just to ensure that we can still learn through this difficult time. Therefore, it is just as important, or maybe even more, to do everything you are supposed to. Some easy things that could help teachers out during this time: Communicate with your teachers- They do not know how much work you are getting in other classes, how you are feeling with all of this, ect. They are here for you, and all they want to do is help. Try and get your work in on time/ on the due date- This may be hard as teachers are still trying to figure out how to balance what to give you and not, but this is a great time to latch onto some good time management skills. Put all your effort into the assignments given- This is still school, even though it is not what we are used to. Teachers are not just giving you busy work to do, they want you to learn something through this. Even if your Zoom/ Google Meet classes are optional, pop in- Teachers miss you just as much as you miss going out. Their lives and routines have changed too. Keeping in contact will make virtual learning as smooth as it can be. Do not cheat on your work- Although it may seem tempting as your phone can be right by your side, and no teachers are looking over your shoulders, you gain no benefit from cheating. Copying work from your friends does not do anything for you in the long run, and you will not learn. This will also get you into bad habits when we do eventually go back to school.