What the Future Hold Following COVID-19

It was just a few months ago when it was normal to cough and sneeze and you would not be given any dirty looks in the process. Almost everyone is currently focusing on making sure that they have enough food and supplies to make it through quarantine but have people started thinking about what this outbreak means for the future? At the moment this story is being written, there are currently well over 800,000 confirmed cases in the United States with the Coronavirus. That is over 800,000 confirmed cases since January and there could be many more cases in which the victim is not showing any signs of symptoms. Many people have struck the question, ¨How and when will this end?¨ Social distancing is helping to contain the spread, people have talked about a possible vaccine, possibly testing more people and if they test positive, then will self-quarantine for up to three weeks. Will this be over in the summer or will it drag on even longer? As these questions cannot be answered immediately, there are unfortunately people in the world that are becoming restless. Young people are willing to be around friends easier and businesses are very desperate to reopen. There have been safety measures that have been put into place to ensure the safety of the people. These measures that people are going against were simply designed to protect the health of the entire country. The goal has been to contain the virus and prevent it from migrating and the only way for that to happen is for the people to continue social distancing and doing everything that they can to stay isolated. Dr. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases stated in an interview on NBC’s Today Show, “When we attempt to get back to normal, we have to have in place the ability, when it starts to try and rear its ugly head, we can absolutely suppress it by identification, isolation, contact tracing.” Dr. Fauci is optimistic that the United States is starting to see a turnaround as the curve will be coming down but also notes in the interview that he believes the virus will continue to drag on if the country is not cautious. Also in the interview, Dr. Fauci emphasized the fact that an outbreak like this could happen again so in the future, the country cannot let their guard down. He stated, “When you’re talking about getting back to normal, we know now that we can get hit by a catastrophic outbreak like this, it can happen again, so we really need to be prepared to respond in a much more vigorous way.” When it is all said and done, however that may happen, there are going to be a lot of differences in the way people live their life on a daily basis compared to before the outbreak. Hopefully, the country together will be able to rebuild over time and be in a state where something like this will never happen again. Hand sanitizer and face masks will be on everyone’s shopping list. Toilet Paper for some reason will always be scarce, and unfortunately, you will not want to be the person in class that coughs or sneezes because you might be sent to the nurse immediately. People may never be greeted with a hand-shake in the near future and people may just in general not go out into public as much to limit the risk of being near someone who has any type of virus. There have been incidents that have taken place in the past such as the attacks on September 11, 2001 that changed the country’s security policies. There have been other incidents such as devastating hurricanes that have forced the country to go about life in a different way. This Coronavirus Outbreak very well may do the same as people will be forced to be a lot more cautious during their everyday lives. No one truly knows what life will be like when this Coronavirus Outbreak is over but with the cancellations of school, graduations, spring sports, and other memory-making events that will forever remain in our memories for high school students, people hopes that nothing like this will ever happen again. Most importantly, this experience has allowed people to appreciate the things that they do have and has taught us that we cannot take moments for granted because they can be taken away from us at any given second.