Obsession With Vampires

From the Twilight series to The Vampire Diaries, shows based around the supernatural beings (vampires) are everywhere and loved by many. Even Disney has done vampire shows and has had vampires in popular shows like Wizards of Waverly Place. The idea of vampires have been around forever and it seems like every generation has movies and TV shows based around them. Why is everyone obsessed with vampires? There are other popular supernatural beings like werewolves and witches, but most of the time they are still overpowered by vampires when it comes to popularity. On Halloween, vampires fill the streets and it’s almost like people’s dreams are coming true for the night. The idea of not being able to be killed unless it’s by a stake gives vampires an overwhelming amount of power that many people craze. Most modern shows portray vampires as attractive creatures where they are young and can shimmer in the sunlight. However, there are some vampires that are shown as old, ugly, and nothing but evil creatures that are on the hunt to kill. The older view of vampires is usually represented with a cape and a really pale face that could crumble at the touch. The first origin stories of vampires showed them to be hateful, revengeful, and ugly creatures, but eventually the image of them twisted into something more beloved. The blood-sucking creatures appear as charming to people, appearing mysterious with their stereotypes of wearing dark colors. The ideal image is them covered in crimson colors, different shades of blues, and even purple sometimes. There is a charismatic touch they give vampires in most TV shows and movies despite them being pretty evil creatures. There is a fascination with the idea of being ageless. Different shows have vampires having an abundance of different powers. Some of these include strength, healing abilities, mind control, compulsion, and that is only to name a few of the powers that creators have given vampires over the years. The overall idea of modern vampires represents a sense of desire in which vampires are made to be attractive. This modern-day image is used for plot devices many times where they lure in their prey or fall in love with a mortal being. It is very likely that most teenagers went through a vampire phase for a least a short time during their younger years. With all the movies and TV shows that usually glamorize them, it’s hard not to fall into the trap for adolescents. There are countless numbers of books and forms of art that are meant to make people become fascinated with them. Vampires are just one example of how people’s different takes on things can really change the way people look at something.