How to Keep Busy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

After being home for over a month due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many people have been finding themselves constantly bored, and not knowing what to do with their newfound free time. To those who don’t have a job and must stay home, much like many high schoolers at LHS, they are looking for things to do while stuck at home. While it may not seem like it, there are many things one can do while in quarantine. One thing one could do to keep busy is to take up an old or a new hobby. Finding something fun to do during such a stressful time might just be the distraction needed to take one’s mind off of things. For example, painting and coloring are known to be great stress-relievers. It’s also really rewarding to see the final product of an artwork. The great part about it is that you don’t need to be an artist to make art. It’s all about having fun and expressing yourself. To those itching to go outside, a good solution is to take daily walks. So long as a proper face covering is worn and precautions are taken, taking these walks are great ways to get out of the house, stay active, and clear the mind. Being cooped up in the house all day gets tiring after a while, so getting outside for as little as 30 minutes can really have a positive impact on everybody. In addition to this, many people have been taking part in at home workouts or training exercises. Some have even made it a point to have a home gym to stay active. Doing these exercises can be really fun and can be a good way to get your heart going without even leaving your own home. There are endless YouTube videos out there that provide great at-home workouts, and at no cost to the user. This is perfect for those who may have previously gone to the gym but now cannot due to COVID-19. It encourages people to stay home and to stay active. Another thing that is great to keep oneself occupied is video games. Video games are already a hugely popular staple in many teens’ lives, but now more than ever teens are logging onto various video games to have some fun. Also, many games have the opportunity to connect with other players. Users are able to see and talk with their friends without actually endangering themselves or others by going outside. Video games are the perfect solution to social distancing. Games like Animal Crossing have taken over the internet by storm. Young kids, teens, and even adults alike love the game. Animal Crossing allows the user to create their own island with villagers who live there. There are so many things to do to keep busy within the game. That many people have admitted to spending many hours a day playing this game. Users can also visit their friend’s islands to spend time together and further explore the game. Another game that is popular right now is Just Dance 2020. Many teenagers now remember playing various Just Dance games all throughout their childhood. Just Dance 2020 has recently given the opportunity to have access to “Just Dance Unlimited”, a feature that was previously only accessed via subscription. Just Dance Unlimited has over 500 songs all conglomerated from all the Just Dance games that have been released. They have given a free trial as an option because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Since everyone is stuck at home it’s a good chance to get active while dancing to your favorite songs. The amount of video games out there is endless, so there’s something out there for everyone. Something that many teens don’t want to hear is to “clean your room.” However, with all of this extra time in quarantine, it’s a good time to do it. Whether it’s finally cleaning the closet, tackling the large loads of laundry, or simply organizing, cleaning can be a therapeutic and rewarding experience with results that please everyone. Having a clean room can help clear the mind and overall make you feel better. Once the room has been cleaned and organized, it’s easier to build up habits of keeping it that way. Having a clean room can help you feel better, and it’ll certainly make your parents happy too. Right now, the entire world is experiencing immense stress and fear. This is a time of unprecedented events. There’s a lot of serious stuff going on in the world so in order to do your part in staying home and staying safe, picking up a new hobby or finding alternate ways to have fun can be a great way to stay productive and sane during these unseen and difficult times.