Hectic at RI Blood Center

Ever since the pandemic started, many people have chosen to give blood to help save others, which is great. Currently, they are booked until the end of April. Due to the limitations of the amounts of people in a space at once, people have to book an appointment on a certain day, at a certain time. The Blood Center is limited to twenty-five people allowed in the building, including all staff and clients. They have put up sneeze guards to protect the staff from a potentially infected patient. Gail Thibaudeau, my mother, has been working at the Rhode Island Blood Center in Providence for almost thirty years. She has worked through many of the tragedies that have happened over the years including 9/11. “I have never seen the Blood Center so busy in the many years I have been working here.” Ever since the pandemic started my mother has been working six days a week with ten-hour shifts. During those ten-hour shifts her and the other staff have to wear masks the whole time they work. “Wearing a mask has left marks on my face and ears, but I am glad that we have to wear them because it protects us from the virus.” As of now, the Blood Center has suggested to the workers that they should be wearing masks to protect them from the virus, which they have only recently supplied the employees masks to wear. Many of the employees have families they have to go home to, not knowing if they are giving the virus to them, and a mask help relieve some of the possibilities of that happening. Mr. Corry has challenged his classes to see which class of students could donate the most blood. Currently, seven students have reported to him that they have donated blood. Mr. Corry even donated blood the first week that the Coronavirus started up in Rhode Island, saying he did not make an appointment and had to wait an hour to be able to donate.