Journal History Being Made


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During this global pandemic, crucial history is being made that will be seen in textbooks and will change the future world in some way. Future generations will ask about this time, will learn about it, and the people that lived through this time will think about it and how their life has changed since then. Currently, no one knows the outcome of this whole thing. Like every big moment in history, some things will be affected by it, and others will stay the same. Keeping a journal of experiences, thoughts, feelings, pictures can be a great way to document history through your own words and experiences. The best thing about a personal journal is that it can be filled with whatever you want. Different people and websites are coming together to create daily prompts if prompts are needed to get ideas flowing. Others are taking pictures of things that they see and printing them. Newspaper clippings, headlines, pictures from magazines, can all be put together in collages. Art can be used to draw events you’ve seen, or draw what you are feeling. A journal can be something to look back on, and possibly show future generations, but it can also just be a way to express thoughts or feelings during a difficult time. Making journaling a daily, or weekly thing can be something to look forward to and to have a legitimate record of your own personal story. Whatever form of journaling inspires you, try it. If “documenting history” is too formal and takes away your inspiration, think of it as a diary or a feelings journal. Things are constantly changing and fast; documenting these things can help you and future generations.