What to Watch During Social Distancing?


Social distancing has left a lot of time for people to read, watch movies, and work on any indoor hobbies. With the Rhode Island extension of remote learning to the end of April, there are some movies and books that people might just want to check out during this long haul. The Way, Way Back is just one of the many movies you should see. Sometimes all you need is a heartfelt movie and The Way, Way Back might just be the movie that you are looking for. The 2013 film is not known to many people, but the storyline told is one to see. The story starts off with a young boy named Duncan, played by Liam James, goes with his mom and her boyfriend to a beach house for the summer. Duncan’s mom’s boyfriend, Trent, (Steve Carrell) doesn’t treat Duncan with a lot of respect, which creates a rift between Duncan and his mother. Trying to get away from his toxic situation, Duncan finds comfort and mentoring at a water park, where the manager of the park Owen (Sam Rockwell) takes him under his wing. The mentoring relationship between Duncan and Owen is one to make the heart grow warm as Duncan finally has someone that he can count on. Duncan spends his summer working at the water park, building confidence and even some charm due to Owen’s help. The premise sounds a bit anti-climatic but the movie’s message about parental relationships and guidance goes a long way. The movie has many comedic moments, many of which involve their crazy neighbors and water park employees, but never fails to let go of the true meaning behind the story. The Way, Way Back is a pg-13 film for its swearing, mature themes, and some crude humor. There are awkward and uncomfortable moments that make the movie have a certain down to earth feel to it. Many, due to the fact that Duncan is a pretty awkward kid and his mom’s boyfriend treats him poorly. Steve Carrell’s portrayal of Trent is good enough that even Office fans might want to punch him through the screen. The Way, Way Back is probably not everyone’s cup, some might find it boring, but those who enjoy it will most likely want to watch it again. The film shows what it means to have support in your life and how to deal with people who put you down. The message is important and exhibits a story that is worth the watch. The acting truly brings the story to life for the viewer, intended to leave an emotional impact on the film’s conclusion. During this time of social distancing, it wouldn’t hurt to give the movie a try.