Netflix Suggestions During Quarantine

As we are living in a time that is going to be in the textbooks one day, we are at an all time low of boredom. Although one cannot physically die from boredom, it sure does feel like it. To suffice your boredom needs, here lies a generated list of shows and movies I personally suggest to watch on Netflix. I consider myself a ¨Netflix Enthusiastic¨ so if I were you, I would take my suggestions very seriously. So please grab a snack and lay down at your own leisure. Enjoy, and know that we, as a society, will get through these times of absolute boredom. All American – Although this show is only two seasons it is absolute fire. If you enjoy sports and what goes on in teenagers lives, I can see you enjoying this amazing show. On My Block – With the newly released season that just came out, this show is extremely binge-worthy. If you are interested in witty, emotional, romantic and teen shows, On My Block is the show for you. I Am Not Okay With This – This Netflix Original is a cynical, irreverent and dark comedy that is a rather interesting show. Although it has a weird vibe, it is worth the watch. Insatiable – I am not going to lie to you, this show is extremely strange. If you can handle some mysterious behavior mixed with some humor, I feel like this is the show for you. The Society- This show is one of the best Netflix Originals the program has to offer. It is a crime that this series has not released season two yet. If dark, mysterious and suspenseful teen dramas attract you, this is the show for you. Spoiler: There is a major cliffhanger at the end… All The Bright Place – This newly added Netflix film has very good reviews thus far. However it is an emotional dark romantic movie, watch at your own risk. Killer Inside – The Mind of Aaron Hernandez – This documentary is especially interesting because it exposes information most of the public did not know about. Love, Rosie – This heartfelt romantic movie is so amazing and does not fail to make one cry. The OA – This Netflix Original is a show that will mentally and physically twist your mind. This mysterious Sci-Fi will not fail to keep you on your toes. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez – This documentary is certainly eye-opening when investigating the murder of 8 year old Gabriel Fernandez. I totally recommend this show.